Thursday, 8 August 2013


I am a big fan of wallpaper especially to help create a great accent in any space, commercial, residential or retail, because the thing is, sometimes a painted wall is really just that, a colour applied to Gyprock. So, obviously depending on the brief given it can really add little bit of an edge or texture to what is usually just a normally painted surface. I prefer usually a wallpaper that has some kind of texture applied to it because as much as it is there just to create visual interest, often accents with bold patterns always give people the urge to want to touch or interact with it. Or maybe it is just me or like minded creatives... ? Anyway, I am sure most of my lovely readers will already be aware of the awesome paint supplier that is Porters Paints. Not only do they supply paint but they have a very lovely wallpaper selection, which I really love and in particular the Designer collaborations. The collaborations are not new as they were launched way back last year around the time Design Ex was in town and I remember their stall being one of the busiest as everyone was trying to get access to the new wallpaper samples.

At this stage I have not really come across many other simple wallpaper's that I love more than the Porters designer collaborations and my favourite in particular is Anna Spiro's designs. They are simple, bold and unique, to put it in three simple words. They to me challenge very simple traditional notions of patterns but in a very modern and fresh approach and same goes for the Greg Natale range. What I also really love about them is that they are bold and mainly bright in colour selection which I think is perfect for spring and those wanting a very vibrant space.

Round and Round the garden, is my favourite! I love the simplistic pattern and the stylised nature of the circle and Mediterranean feel, I think it has.

You can find all of the Porter Paint's wallpaper collection by clicking here. 

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday! I will be back this afternoon with a lovely special post sent to me from one of my loyal and lovely readers.


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