Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Are you a fan of Masterchef? I have always watched it from time to time and enjoyed learning lots of cooking tips and seeing all the contestants grow from strength to strength. Seeming as I love to cook, it was only fitting I went and experienced the Masterchef pop up restaurant and bar for myself. Set up very similar to the Masterchef set, the two dining areas are separated by the pop up open kitchen, with two bars either side where you can go and relax with a nice glass of wine and hang over the railing watching all the chefs do their thing, much like the contestants do when their watching others tough it out in pressure tests. It had a really lovely atmosphere with the interiors and the event designed by AZB Creative. To me it had a mix of an industrial meets 1920's deco, with the use of lights as a main feature. It was very interesting investigating how it had all been put together and with everything operating within this massive portable dome, which was extremely impressive and I loved it. Even the bathrooms were the nicest portable toilets I have ever been into... even if they did make as much sound as toilets in a plane.

The menu is inspired by many different challenges from the many series themselves and presented in such a beautiful way just like you would see them on the show. The four course meal was absolutely DELISH to say the least, the chicken and salmon melted in your mouth and it was topped off with some past contestants walking around and saying a quick hello to everyone. I do not usually take a lot of photos of food or even post them, but the Masterchef dining experience is worth every image displayed below and it is always fun sharing a special meal with the ones you love. 

The pop up dining experience is happening until the 1st of September and is a great way to start celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is situated in First Fleet Park, which is next to Circular Quay station and the MCA in Sydney and tickets are limited! Make sure not to miss out on this amazing culinary experience, but here are some behind the scenes pictures from my lovely day out at the Masterchef pop up restaurant. 

The wine is as big as my head. 

Coolest little amuse bouche I have ever seen and tasted

Chicken that melted in your mouth... literally. 

Evan with delicious oysters and lots of salt. 

Beautiful salmon that also melted in your mouth. 

Delicious chocolate pudding with a cherry surprise. 

The most delicious take on an "after dinner mint" caramel and vegemite bites. Yes, vegemite!

Beautiful fresh tea after a great meal. My idea of bliss! 

Vertical herb garden 

Over looking from the balcony bar 

Check out al the prep for the chocolate puddings

Great entrance and aqua tiles

The first time I have ever seen Trieste showcased on the map of Italy! Well
Done Masterchef creatives, well done! And yes, that is where my family are from. 

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