Tuesday, 31 December 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my lovely loyal readers or whoever may stumble across my little blog. It is something that I am very proud of and cannot wait to develop more and more over the next year. Without all of your support and stopping by, it wouldn't be at the level it already is in such a short time!

New Year is that special time of year where we really kind of get a fresh start, start all over again and begin on a new note. It is customary to develop goals or New Year Resolutions for what you want to achieve or set your mind to in the New Year. I want to ask you all though, do you have an Interior New Year Resolution? What do you want to achieve in your space? Do you have big plans for a renovation? Have you just brought a house? I would love to hear what they are! Even if it is just about making it a healthier cleaner environment, or to create sustainable living, they are all great goals!

Here are the top 5 highlights on the blog this past 2013... well, half of 2013 to get you thinking.


And one more for Good Luck


Share with my what your New Year Interior Resolution is! I am sure I can help!

Friday, 20 December 2013


Thank you to everyone who has supported, read and commented on my blog, as well as supported the Interior Design side of the business and believed in what we love to do. The last 5 months have been the best journey ever and I really cannot wait for 2014. The encouragement and support means so much to me, so keep it coming! I hope everyone has a very safe and happy festive season, enjoys time with their family and friends, gets lots of great gifts, eat lots of amazing food and most importantly make some awesome memories. JDZ x


I have spent a lot of time talking over and over again about how to create some really cool table settings and styling your events this Christmas. Yesterday I cam across this pretty cool DIY project, that allows you to create some interesting little features for your Christmas table setting! A beautiful table setting really does set the mood for your event and because it is such a special time of year, why not put in the extra effort to make the memories look as good as they feel when you spend time with your loved ones and friends.

Take a look at making your own little decorations for the centre of your table by clicking right HERE - it is easy and cost effective!

Happy DIY- ing!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I am sharing my top 7 things on my wish list this Christmas, information is below the images. What is on your Christmas wish list this year? 

1. Glass House Candles - Not only do they smell absolutely amazing, they are just really good looking as well. I am very much lusting over the Little Black Dress one and want it to add to my collection. 

2. An awesome pendant light for my office- Yep, you read correctly, I am dying for an awesome pendant light for my office and to be exact, this one is from Matt Blatt and I want it! 

3. My very own designed Isola tote page - Do I have to say anymore? 

4. Another Fiel Sol Necklace - Cannot go past these beautiful pieces, they are my favourite necklaces and you cannot ever have too many. 

5. Marc Jacobs Laptop case - This Island Life laptop case is a perfect match to my lovely new MacBook Pro

6. Kikki K A Sentence a day - Being grateful for everything we have in our lives is so important and what better way than to achieve it with these beautiful stationary pieces 

7. Pastel Triangle Artwork - Beautiful simple pieces to have hanging on your wall in your home. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Are you a lover of Kikki K? Well I am and I especially love all the motivational stationary that they have on offer at the moment. To make it even better they have recently had a series of fantastic blog posts that are dedicated to do it yourself fun Christmas ideas that will make your home look amazing and unique for Christmas.

Here are the top four that I love:

Do it yourself Paper wreath- Have you ever thought of making a paper wreath for your home? I never have and think it is a very easy and great idea!

Funky wrapping paper- Make your presents look amazing under your christmas tree! There is nothing better than a huge bunch of presents that look amazing wrapped under the tree.

Paper Christmas Tree- Not everyone has the ability or even likes your traditional christmas tree, so why not try something a little different? 

Stylish table setting with amazing native Australian flora- making a beautiful table setting for your christmas day sets a really great mood and setting to make some beautiful memories with your family and friends. 

Hope you are having a lovely day,

Friday, 13 December 2013


It is nearing the end of 2013 and with that comes the new prediction and nomination for colour of the year from none other than Pantone. Do you know what Pantone is? Well, it is the universal colour chart of all colours for designers and printers alike, it just makes sure that we all have a reference to every colour combination around and it just makes it so easy knowing that we can reference the colour and everyone/anyone you are working with will know the exact combination to achieve the  exact colouring you are after. There is a real art to the printing process and understanding colours and how they transform from digital to print, from screen to paper etc. It really isn't so black and white, as what you may understand to be black, may not be black at all, it may be a really dark brown or blue, so you have to be very careful. Colour variation occurs all the time and it also just doesn't happen from screen to screen it happens when it is applied to different materials and paper weights as well.

It is an exciting time of year to know the Pantone colour prediction for 2014 is here and we know what will be very popular over the next year. I think it is a very good prediction as for the last couple of months leading into the new summer season, the bright as well as pastel colour combination have been very prominent. Just as the name suggests it is very vibrant/radiant and warming... What do you think of the new colour of the year?

Ps: Orchids are my favourite flower!

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Here are some more behind the scenes look into what has been happening at JDZ HQ! Lots and lots, small and large... and am very much looking forward to the Christmas and New Year break.
My desk is very messy and will be getting a complete makeover during the holiday season. Lots planned for 2014 already so cannot wait to get started and see what the new year will bring!

PS: Do you like my Aqua Isola print? In the process of getting these pattern designs sorted for next year!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


As I have been mentioning over the past couple of weeks, I had been helping some lovely friends prepare for their engagement party! It was lots of fun and was so excited to help them make it into the special night that they wanted it to be. It had a summer nights theme and to our surprise the weather held up and really made the theme come to life, as well as all the beautiful decorations my lovely friend put together herself and all my little designed elements that assisted to bring the theme together. It was such a success and the way they set it out, zoned the space and organised everything turned out fabulously! It looked great and it was lots of fun! To top it off, they even made their own DIY BAR!!! It is absolutely awesome, such a great job and it was a hit. Well done on getting it all together, so happy I could help you make your vision come to life, it looked amazing and worked really well.

The colour palette was an elegant mix of soft colours to really bring the vibe of Summer into the back garden as well as make it feel classy and fun at the same time. By using such a colour combo we brought a little of the Greek Islands vs Ivy Pool into the backyard! Orange, Aqua and White seem like an odd combination but mixed together softly and in the right way really made for a winning palette. Little touches and details of soft pinks in the flowers and white also added that extra softness and layered the cocktail tables. Lots of little jam jars, milk jars with string and tags as well as a fresh looking cocktail menu tied everything together nicely.

It also is a great example of how you can really utilise your outdoor space and bring it to life for any particular event you may have over the festive season.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak and a look into the DIY behind the bar as well as the party!



I AM BACK!! I know, I know... where the hell have I been? I kinda dropped the ball a little last week in the blogging world as I was completely snowed under in plans, paper work, photoshopping, concept images ....and the list goes on and on and on. I hope you can all forgive me and join me in getting ready for Christmas. There is almost one week to go and there are so many different events on and it is really important to get into the festive spirit and decorate your home in celebration. Today I wanted to share with you some Christmas inspiration- part of my count down towards the big day. Later today, I will also be sharing some behind the scenes pics at a very special event on the weekend, that I helped inspire and directed to bring together! 

To me Christmas is about family, friends, dinners, lunches, lots of food, decorations and being grateful for all that we have! I have been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to get into the Christmas spirit and really get some inspiration to get started and get decorating.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


It is so important to believe in everything you do and believe that you can create what you want out of your own life! That is why I wanted to share this awesome quote from one of the most inspirational business women out there: Samanatha Wills. She is the perfect example of making all your dreams come true.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


As a lot of you already know I am a contributor to the handy man website " Men Behaving Handy" on Fridays and it is a great way to share a lot more of my ideas and advice with everyone around Australia. I wanted to share a link from their blog today because it is fitting the theme for this week, embracing summer and getting ready for the festive season. I have a very special occasion this weekend for some special friends, as well as helping them pull together their dream party, design invites and decorations for the party, it is going to be such a fun night and I cannot wait. Decorating and styling does not stop in your interiors, it continues to your outdoors and can really help you bring a special occasion to life.

So head on over to the Men Behaving Handy Blog to get a lot more insight into styling for your party! Will share photos of Saturday night next week.

Have a great day,

Monday, 2 December 2013


Do you know what Macrame is? Well I certainly didn't about two years ago as well! I had noticed it popping up in furniture and interiors everywhere and not really knowing its significance of how beautiful it can be. It came along with the love and trend for knots... do you remember that? Knots and ropes! They were big a couple of years back and so was the nautical theme, which makes me think they were all interconnected, which often happens with design trends. It is innovative and important in design to always reinvent, macrame is a very old tradition of weaving to create really interesting geometric patterns and being reinvented and utilised in many different forms and situations allows for many to develop a new knowledge and understanding of something so good. That is what design is all about sometimes, taking the simplest of things and applying it in an interesting way that maybe no one else thought about and then BOOM... you have yourself a new trend that everyone loves... well heres hoping.

Last week I mentioned about my new favourite blog, Bec Marks The Spot, where Bec herself featured these lovely pendants designed by Warp and Weft for Lights Lights Lights in Melbourne. I loved them so much that I just had to share my own personal thoughts on it as well. It also allowed me to create a new resource and discovered that Lights Lights Lights have some pretty awesome stuff.

You can find out more about these funky and bright Macrame pendants by clicking here and you can purchase them by heading over to Bec Marks The Spot's official online shop.

Images sourced from Bec Marks The Spot & Warp and Weft.

Happy Monday,

Sunday, 1 December 2013


I just had to post quickly about the first day of summer, because it not only marks the true beginning of the festive season but it means those hot days and long summer nights I always rant on about and dream about are coming our way! Lots and LOTS of awesome stuff coming up over this december and just because it is almost Christmas does not mean in anyway we are slowing down... if anything we are busier than ever and loving it. Look out for lots of fun things including my own wish list and gift guide this month.

To mark the beginning of Summer, I am talking all about preparing for your festive season on The Men Behaving Handy blog... so make sure you go and check it out. It is full of tips you will never find anywhere else.

Happy Monday!
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