Wednesday, 14 August 2013


This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen at this point! I never knew this existed until a good friend actually found out about this new device and he couldn't wait to tell me about it. Technology has no bounds, it is only going to create even more amazing devices that will allow for designs to become even more amazing than they already are today. The title is exactly what it suggests, a floating light- an lampshade like no other... because... yes... it floats! It is constructed and put together by some series physics that involves electricity and magnetic fields which is condusive to creating a force that allows for the shade to float as well as produce light. There aren't too many options in terms of the collection at the moment... but give it some time and this is sure to be something that will take off!  

Here is a series of short videos that demonstrate how it works and the floating lamp itself. You can find out more about it through this website where I sourced the videos from. It is very interesting and will give you some more insight into this great invention designed by two talents people, Angela Jansen & Ger Jansen. 

Very much looking forward to Sydney Indesign this week!! Who is attending? Make sure to come and say HI if you see me around. 


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