Thursday, 31 October 2013


Halloween is all about celebrating those who have passed, including saints and their spirits, which has brought the tradition to being about things that are spooky and scary. Kids dress up and go and collect candy... a very fun and interesting tradition more predominately known in America. I guess it really gives us all another excuse to buy lots of nick nacks we don't really need, dress up clothes, fake blood and host parties and get togethers... I would however, love to carve a pumpkin. Never done that before... have you?

As we should always find inspiration in everything that is around us, I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon today and share with you some inspiration for dark and moody spaces. Spaces that feel very rich, small and evoke different senses and emotions within us. These spaces almost sometimes feel very warm and make you just want to curl up and hide away from the world because they are so comfortable. They are also very powerful in presence and tend to always be layered with different textures and other dark tones that either contrast to assist in giving it more depth. As much as I love bright open spaces, there is just something so intriguing about spaces that are dark, rich and luscious. As well as dark spaces there are some inspiring images of Halloween decoration that is incorporated into the home in celebration of this American tradition.

Hope it inspires you to think about different colours and the way textures, different furniture, layers and light can really change the feeling and look of a space.

Happy Halloween 2013! Let me know what you are up to and what you like about these moody space.


Ps: All images sourced from my Pinterest.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Elements I love, last week had a launch and viewing party of their new French shipment that became available to the public last Thursday. It was exciting to go along and get an exclusive preview into all the treasures they have found while they were sourcing the pieces over in France. It has been a years worth of hard work and foresight but I have to say it has definitely paid off as the pieces they have in store are absolutely amazing. Think Gatsby era, think glamour, think Marie Antoinette inspired and all things really cool, retro and funky. If you are looking for a very individual and unique piece with a bit of history and culture behind it, you must head over to Elements I love in Surry Hills and get exploring and put your interiors thinking cap on.

It is so important as a designer to know what is one the market at all times because when you are working on several projects with different briefs the things you see around and know about pop into your mind as soon as you find the perfect brief for it. Having as many resources as possible and product knowledge is key when specifying, you know what will work where and who to get it from instantly.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the evening last week, you can find a lot more about Elements I love here and by following them on Facebook & Instagram @elements_i_love.

All images taken by JDZ herself... sorry about the black doggy tag in the corner of the iphone skin is coming off. Time for a new one I think!

Have a great Wednesday,

Monday, 28 October 2013


My lovely friends at Oriental Grove have started this great little IDEA's page as part of their website so that they can share their own DIY projects and inspire their clients and readers to part take in environmentally friendly activities that are great for your home. It is a really great way to inspire and to showcase some interesting little projects, which I am excited about because I too get to contribute.
We are currently working on our next DIY project, which will be revealed within the next couple of weeks, but today I am sharing with you, their adventures in making a seashell wind chime. They outline the process and put together something that is functional as well as decorative at the same time.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. 


Very exciting Monday morning as I am very pleased to announce that I am a contributor for the Men Behaving Handy, an online website dedicated to being a " one stop shop " for all maintenance, home improvement and repair needs. They are based in Perth, however I am so excited to have this opportunity to reach more readers around Australia and inform them about Interiors and how they can go about improving them. The posts go up every Friday for Friday Funky Furnishings with me! Just because you may not be in Perth does not mean you cannot benefit from expert advice from the interiors and construction industry and gain some really handy hints along the way. It is also assisting me to promote my online design and styling services - E Styling, which allows anyone in Australia to benefit from design knowledge and expertise even though I may not be with them in person.

Here is a sneak peek and make sure to click here to head on over and have a read into how you can "Bring Spring Into Your Home." This month is all about Spring/Summer and how to embrace it in your home, so make sure to stay tuned and keep up to date.

Friday, 25 October 2013


In the city of Sydney it is kind of expected to find some very cool stores that sell interesting pieces, but it is a truly a breath of fresh air for the Western part of Sydney to have a store that has a great little concept and treasures to be hunted for.

Prospector Store is situated in the heart of Sydney's busy second 'city', Parramatta. The store aims to assist it's customers in becoming prospectors. Let me explain a little further- The store name is based on the definition of the word prospect- which is to look forward to something in anticipation. They want you the "Prospector " to become in control of finding your own hidden treasures that you may be in search for. Hence the prospect ( hunt ) or finding something you want makes you a prospector  ( to find ),  clever little mission and one that is very effective. In keeping with their quirky nature, the store is closely curated for pieces that are sometimes vintage, unique and fun. They have many different elements that would suit for the home to clothing, art and much more.

I really like the way the store presents itself with displays that are truly playful and thought about in a different way, it would almost feel like walking into a gallery to view interesting everyday objects.
As well as the shopfront, they have a great online store, where you can find any of the pieces you may be hunting for. The store was lovely enough to assist me in a giveaway last week to celebrate their 1st birthday, which is a huge achievement! I really look forward to keeping up to date with all the new products that come in store on a regular basis. Their Facebook page is great to follow as well... so make sure you do by clicking here, just for the updates on what is the object of the day.

Here is a little sneak peek into the store itself, with the images sourced with permission from The Prospector Store. 

Below are three of the items on my wish list, make sure to pay the online store a visit by clicking here.

On my can find all these items and more here.

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Tonight I am heading to the unveiling of the new french collection and discoveries for Elements I Love.
It is everything French inspired with lots of new pieces found on their recent trip. It is sure to be a very exciting and inspiring evening.

It got me thinking about all things French and interiors related. Do you love the French Provincial look?
Do you think it is classic and elegant? Do you think it is timeless?

Take a look at these inspiring pictures I found on my Pinterest to get us ready for tonights viewing!
I will be featuring my update and sneak peek into the new Elements I Love collection next week.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013


One of the most fun bedrooms to decorate or design is a kids bedroom and I really think it is because you get to really use your childish imagination and make it into a space that you wished for as a kid. It is a really magical space for them, as it is not just their own space but can be used to assist in brining out their creativity and learn to love their toys, and objects. Thinking about how to connect to their creativity and sensibilities can really be shown through funky accessories that can really accentuate their knowledge, learning capacities and want to be in their bedrooms.

I am fortunate enough to be teaming up with a really great kids online store called Oliver's Twisty Tales. I am so excited about this collaboration because we get to think like little kids and create some really cute designs for their interiors. We are starting off with a small collection on textile designs, which will be available soon as scatter cushions. Oliver's Twisty Tales has so many great little pieces for a little boy or girl, especially if you are looking for something different or vintage inspired. 

Here is a preview of the textile designs we are developed together and I have created and we would love your feedback. So please comment below and let us know which designs out of the two categories you like best. 

Make sure to head over to their website to have a look around and find out more about Oliver's Twisty Tales, especially as it is coming up to Christmas. They are perfect if you are looking for a cute little gift! 

JDZ x 

Monday, 21 October 2013


Hope you all had a really lovely weekend and enjoyed Grand Designs Live if you were lucky enough to attend! I was told it was a really great three days, filled with lots of great new products, tips, celebrity spotting and inspiration. I hope next year I will be able to attend as I have been flat out and could not spare a couple of hours to go and have a walk around. It was a pretty crazy last couple of days last week with the announcement of a great collaboration with Oliver's Twisty Tales. ( More on this later in the week )

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite find of the week- These Material Pendants by Neorgaard Kechayas. I spotted them floating around on Facebook last week when The Minimalist store posted a picture of them and I was immediately intrigued by their shape and texture. They are seriously cool and would look amazing, not just in a residential interior but a commercial one as well.

I really like their compact modern shape, which would really suit a Scandinavian inspired interior. However, the fact that they are available in some may different materials means that your opinions are in fact boarder than usual. Their small shape also allows for the ability to have more than just a few scattered over a kitchen island or dining table. It allows you to have them at different heights, scatter more together and use the same pendant but in different materials and textures to create a really interesting combination. The other thing I really like about them is that they use materials that you normally would not find in a lighting fixture.

The materials they are available in are: Concrete, Cork, Die Cut Aluminium, Marble, Oak and Terracotta.

How cool as these?! I love them!

You can find out more by clicking here and being directed straight to the website.
All images sourced directly from the Noergaard Kechayas website.

Happy Monday,


Friday, 18 October 2013


By Danielle McAnn

Very exciting time for the blog, it's very first guest blogger and guest post. It was a great idea to promote the ideas about furnishing your windows as it is often another part of interiors which are not always thought too much about, but it is critical to get it right. Join me today and my lovely guest blogger, Danielle as she enlightens us on why you should install blinds to furnish your windows. Information and Imagery courtesy of Melbourne Blind Company. Thank you for wanting to be a part of my journey to inform and inspire everyone about interiors. 

Danielle McAnn is a copywriter working with Melbourne Blind Company who offer a range of functional and stylish window coverings. When Danielle is not writing, she enjoys decorating her home, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever for a walk.

So many people think that sticking something over your window is a necessity purely to have the choice whether you let the light in or keep it out, when really, it is just important a feature of a room as a rug or a couch. The right window covering can make your room more inviting, give the illusion of a warm or cool space, as well as maintaining the temperature of a room in summer or winter. Whether you want to maintain a country cottage feel, a modern home or a Spanish villa, the right window furnishing can help make that happen.

One of the more popular options at the moment are blinds, they are versatile and affordable making them a great option in most homes.

1.     Affordable. Blinds are made to measure window coverings, so you only ever pay for exactly what you need. They are one of the more affordable options because they don’t require masses of fabric for gathering, they sit on a sturdy roll with a chain to adjust their level, rather than needing a huge steel rod to keep your curtains up.

2.     Stylish. Blinds come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any home. The fabric range at companies like Melbourne Blind Company is quite extensive, so you are sure to find a pattern and/or colour that suits your d├ęcor. They also come in different styles that open and close in different ways, from Roller Blinds, to Panel glides, Romans, Verticals and Venetians, not to mention coming in a range of materials, they are a stylish solution to your window furnishings.

3.     Versatile. With the options of materials, your blinds can come in either block out, standard or sheer finishes that let in varying amounts of light depending on your needs. For a sun room, you may want sheer blinds to merely limit the amount of light, however in often used rooms that also face the afternoon sun, a block out blind allows temperature control.

Find out more about Melbourne Blind Company by clicking here and follow them on Facebook. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013


It is such an exciting post today as I am able to share a recent interview that I was fortunate enough to do with Master Builder & Interior Designer Barry Du Bois. Barry is one of the presenters on Channel 10's hit lifestyle show "The Living Room" and gave me the opportunity recently to guest post on his blog last month. Today I wanted to share with you some insight into Barry's ideas and inspirations behind interiors as well as his favourite things to do with design, The Living Room and spending time with his twins. Hope you enjoy the interview and I had to throw in a Bunnings related question... seeming as am an ex team member, having worked there for over six years including working in the DIY section for Kids... I could not go past asking Barry about his favourite DIY nights.

Firstly Barry, thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions and give us some insight and inspiration into Interior Design and building.

1. How would you describe your personal interior style?

I personally have and eclectic style my surroundings need to reflect who I am, I like one offs and items that have a story  

2. What do you think is the best part about being a Master Builder and Interior Designer? 

I love to design and create off the brief, which I have helped draw from the clients personality. Often people are scared to express what relationship they want to have with the space. If you are patient and do not complicate that process, their acknowledgement of your success in the design, recognised through there happiness and love of the space is immensely rewarding. 

3. What do you feel inspirers you most design wise?

Human movement and interaction with the space. I am very conscious of natural light and the environment and how those elements will effect the emotions of the people who share the space. Textures, colour etc then follow those elements. 

4. As an Interior Designer myself I know how rewarding it is seeing your design and ideas come to life. Is there a particular project throughout your career that stands out to be the most rewarding for you? 

There are many but I am very proud that none of the homes I have designed in the last 20 years have been altered at all, very few have even changed a internal colour scheme. I am proudest though when I am told that they love there space and it feels apart of them. 

Bedroom Interior Design by Barry Du Bois. 

5. We all know you are a regular at Bunnings, especially in the DIY section. It used to be my favourite part of the store when I worked there because you learn so much. Do you have a particular DIY topic or area you like to teach about most? 

I do a lot of DIY nights and I make it a rule to find a project that people believe they can't achieve, what ever it is... within reason of course.  For the night I break it down in to many smaller elements and work through them all to eventually achieve what they believed the couldn't. 

6. Do you have three words or tips of wisdom for anyone starting to renovate their home? 

1. Analyse
2. Plan
3. Question 

The last four questions are going to focus on Barry's Favourites things so that we can get to know him a little better as an Interior Design, TV Presenter & Dad of two very cute twins. 

7. Do you have a favourite colour palette or colour combination? 

No, it's all and more about the space and the elements that are apart of that space, that allow the colours to come to life. This includes and most importantly the people that will inhabit the space. 

8. The hot or not segment on The Living Room, is always lots of fun to watch and always makes for a good laugh. Do you have a favourite product that you presented this season? 

I love presenting anything to relates to children, I am very big on anything to do with Kids at the moment. So I would have to say I have two favourites, the electrical fold up stroller and the burgerdoodle wallpaper. 

9. What is your favourite part of Europe? 

There is so much to list, I love decoding the history of cities via its architecture! 
I love the urban Architecture of Paris, the fortification of Valletta in Malta, the coast line of Amalfi. 
As a sailor I admire the sea gateways, back when fresh water and a trading harbour where the keys to a great city. 

10. And lastly but not least, what is your favourite way to spend the weekend at home? 

With the kids of course. Spending time with them in the garden is always great, I have learnt that it is not about trying to get things done with them but more to do with enjoying every moment. Bennet wants to be a part of everything I am doing at the moment. 

Thank you again Barry for taking the time to answer all of our questions, I very much appreciate it. Make sure to head over to Barry's website by clicking here. You can also follow him through, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram by hovering over the text you and clicking onto the social media name you can find his sites. 

Make sure to tune into The Living Room on Friday Night's 7:30 on Channel 10. And no excuses if you are out and have Foxtel IQ... make sure to tape it! 

Images sourced from Barry's Facebook page and Barry himself. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I mentioned a while ago that in celebration of something special, which I can now reveal was my guest post on Interiors Addict earlier this week, JDZ was going international from time to time. Seeming as my post was about the UK, today I wanted to focus on something that I thought was seriously cool the moment I saw it. What I also like about it is the fact that it challenges the standard way furniture is upholstered and makes for a really ascetically interesting piece of furniture.

Meike Harde is a designer that likes to be utterly experimental is known for challenging the norm and shows much interest in textiles and it's application. She is known for studying the way materials and furniture are constructed in such a way so that she can manipulate them to be completely and utterly different and I really think she achieves this, with these amazing stools. They are made to be focusing on the ornamental nature of furniture but not within the pattern itself but it how they are constructed with a foam material that allows for manipulation to generate a modular pattern. 

Zieharsofika   is a piece of furniture that not only challenges traditional notions of furniture construction but also the way one may interact with the piece. The foam allows for a cushioning which focuses on the idea of comfort and function. They are made out of rectangular foam mats which only manipulate when they are layer together and pulled together with elastic bands to assist in generating the ornamental experience and pattern that is Zieharsofika. 

They are very forward thinking in a very simple way and are not in anyway over designed or over the top to achieve a very powerful effect. The rubber bands also allow for one to use their imagination and maybe solve the issue of where to put that magazine when I need to put it down quickly. They are interactive, super cool in look, colour and shape. 

All images sourced directly from this article about Zieharsofika. They are not on the market in Australia. 

Hope you are having a great Wednesday. 

If you have any questions at all or wanting to know more about what I do as an Interior Designer, head over to my website or shoot me an email at 

DONT FORGET: Head over to our facebook page to enter into our free giveaway competition. 


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Are you like me, where you never know where your keys are? It does not matter if my bag is small or big, I always have trouble remembering where I have put them or where they are. On the blog over the last couple of weeks and soon on some of the blogs that I will be contributing too ( this one is top secret for now ) I have been talking about giving meaning and purpose to things that are in your home. It really does make your life easier and more enjoyable. Also, who really thinks about "where will I put my keys" when they are renovating or designing a new house? .... Well, I do, as an Interior Designer it is so important to really think about all the small details because generally they are the things that will make all the difference when it comes to the final product and when you go to use things. The little things matter because if you don't have them, the little things become the big things. Having a spot for your keys or making them look funky is essential, because that way you are more likely to pay more attention to them. It can also be used for as an accessory for your console, handbag ladies and a decorative element... remember being creative is all about thinking outside the square.

Tribal is very much in and has been for a while and it is a style that I am personally drawn too. Prospector Store is just about to celebrate it's 1st Birthday on the 19th of October, which is huge achievement and worth a massive party! They are a very funky online and shop front located in Sydney's other major city hub... Parramatta. They were kind enough to want to assist me in getting some more likers on my Facebook page as well help them celebrate their 1st Birthday. To top it off they are offering free shipping on all orders until Sunday so make sure to use the word birthday in the check out to receive it!

It is very simple to win, all you need to do is LIKE My Facebook page & the Prospector Store page, share the post and you are in the chance to win.

I will be writing a piece and showcasing more about Prospector Store, next week, so stay tuned.

You can find out more about them and take advantage of their free shipping by clicking here. 
And head over to my Facebook page "like" and assist me in reaching my neck milestone. *

* please note the giveaway is running until 6pm on Sunday the 20th of October. The Jingle Jangle Dingle Dangle tribal keyring are all individually made and imported directly from India, so no two are the same. That means the one you win, may not look exactly the same as the one shown in the picture.


We were talking last week about flooring and the importance of having good floors in your home. This post was actually ment to be showcased last week, but due to being extremely time poor these days ( which is a good thing but also difficult at the same time ) it did not make it up in time. A great way of doing up your floors if you are on a tiny budget and have a good base such as old floor boards or  concrete, you will be happy to hear that painting them is a really inexpensive and actually fun way of adding a new look to your interior, even if it is just one particular space. Using patterns in a home or different features I believe allows one to zone particular spaces to a designated use, even if it is just a simple entry way and you want it to make an impact. Instead of just applying it to your walls and or furnishings, think about how your floors can assist in making this kind of feature happen for you.

To be completely honest with you, I have not attempted painting floors myself nor have I had the right project or client adventurous enough to want to do something like this, but I really think it is important to think a little outside the walls at times to assist in bringing environments to life. Painted floors are also a great idea for office spaces and retail environments, it allows interaction and customer participation in certain scenarios. I really like the look of white floor boards and the crisp, natural vibe it gives off and think it would be great to be able to bring this feeling to an interior I get to design one day.

I wanted to inspire you all with some lovely images from my Pinterest that demonstrates how painting a floor or giving it a pattern can really make a space. Check out the really crazy bright neon looking floor! It is actually amazing in application and would make for a very interactive interior... not particularly for residential use, but in another context. I do love how they have continued the theme and design through to the wall panelling and colouring... a very good design tip in that.

JDZ Designer tip of the week: Remember to think about your floors, how they serve you and how you can use them to zone and orientate your interiors. Is it by marking it off with a good looking rug, or placing your furniture in a particular way, or applying a pattern or different texture to the room next to it. P.S: Porters Paints make a good paint made just for flooring. 

All images sourced from my Pinterest. Make sure to follow me by clicking the "P" in the tool bar.


Monday, 14 October 2013


The lovely Jen gave me the opportunity to Guest Post on Interior's Addict whilst she is away on her honeymoon. Those who follow her and her fabulous blog will know that it was a very big and exciting weekend for her and I am sure just like I was, many of you were checking instagram every so often on Saturday to see any pictures. Whilst Jen is honeymooning around different parts of the world she has a trusty mix of guest posters and a blog sitter who is making sure it is still running and the content is great. There have been already some great guest posts that I am loving and I feel very privledged to be amougst the writers chosen.

Here is a little back story: One of the destinations Jen is off to is the UK, so I wanted to focus on some great talent from Europe and talk about the inspiration that one can get from travelling and exploring different countries. London in particular is very well known for it's markets where you can find many treasures for your home, it is also produces many fabulous designers including Claire Coles, who makes amazing wallpaper. I wanted to showcase her fabulous designs but also capture and inspire the art of being able to find treasures around the globe to fill your interiors.

You know you want to know a lot more, so make sure to head over to Interiors Addict today by clicking here and having a read of my guest post. 

Go now... and get readings! Let me know what you think.

Friday, 11 October 2013


A couple of weeks back I was watching one of my favourite lifestyle shows, "The Living Room." Channel 10, 7:30 every Friday night... I highly recommend you tune in and Barry Du Bois showcased his hot product of the week, Burgerdoodles Wallpaper. It was a great segment and I thought the concept behind the wallpaper was genius, so clearly it was no surprise that Barry got a unanimous "hot" from the audience.

There is just something about walls that screams to a kid... "draw on me..." I know I did it as a kid once and never attempted it again because my mother was far from impressed with my "wall art." This wallpaper really solves a lot of problems when it comes to the kids wanting to colour in the walls as well as being entertained. It makes for great artwork for the entire wall as well as serving a purpose. It is so important to be creative and kids love to colour in, so this product really ticks a lot of boxes. It would be perfect for a play room or kids bedroom and would give the kids the ability to have an impact in the way they wanted to colour and decorate the room with their Burgerdoodle wallpaper.

Here are two links where you can find the wallpaper online, so make sure you take some time to check it out. 1. through the Hard to Find website and 2. through Burgerplex ( just hover over the names, click and it will direct you to the websites. )

Images sourced from Burgerplex & Hard To Find Website.

Happy Colouring,



I have lots and lots to share and talk about today because I was absent yesterday, yes I know, I am truly sorry, I have to get my blogging game more organised, but it means that I will sharing a whole three posts today. To start off a Feature Friday day we are so excited to announce that one of our fellow bloggers Susan from One Woman Circus nominated me for a Liebster Award!! Yes, I am jumping for joy a little inside because this blog is very important to me, not just because I love writing but it really is my way of connecting with the world, design or not and giving back what I can and inspiring people.

Image sourced from One Woman Circus blog. 

Liebster Awards are about the blogging community and assisting other bloggers out there grow their reader base. What a fantastic idea because we have to agree, sharing is caring. One Woman Circus does a great and funny wrap up on what the awards are about, so I really suggest you go and find out a little more from her. Get a little more insight into me and check out the answers to the questions from the lovely One Woman Circus:

1. What was your last dream about? 

The last dream I can remember was from last night and it actually included my boyfriend's dog Britney... yes she is name after Britney Spears, but she was not acting like her in the dream that is for sure.

2If you woke up tomorrow and were 8 years old again, what would you do? 

I'd make myself practice my violin and would not give it up! After a good 6 years of lessons as a kid I now as an adult cannot remember a thing... a bit of a waste if you ask me.

3. One Direction - awesome or shite?

... not really a huge fan.

4. What are your favourite tracks you're listening to right now?

Anything by Haim, it has been on continuous repeat for a couple of months now. 
Hold on, we're going home- Drake 

5. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The ability to be invisible... something akin to Harry and his invisible cloak, but a bit better than that. So if necessary I could not be seen but still be present...yes a little sneaky I know. 

6. What food do you hate the most?

Oysters! Yuck! ... Much to my boyfriend's disapproval I might add.  He has taken it upon himself to have various attempts at making me eat them. Just saying... it is never going to happen, sorry Ev... time to give it up! 

7. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Tough question! But it would be pasta with fresh tomato sauce.  I am from an Italian background... I think that says it all. 

8. Cats or dogs? Pick a side.

Dog all the way! Sorry Sylvester ( Much to my initial disapproval my parents adopted a cat when our 15 year old dog passed away. Syl is slowly winning me over... slowly... ) 

9. If you could have your time again, what profession would you take?

Id like to think I would always be true to my creative self and I love my job so I would not change it... but... and I know you could feel the but coming. I have always wanted to do Pharmacy, so I think if I could have my time again, I may try it out. However, you'd probably find me changing back into design. There really is no escape for me! 

10. Aliens - real or not ? 

Real! There has to be other life forces out there. I mean, if they look and are like Max Evans from Roswell, it's fine by me. By the way... best Alien show EVER! It was an after school ritual, thank you Fox 8 from 12 years ago. 

Blogs I nominate: 

Questions you can answer if you would like: 

1. What is your favourite colour and why?
2. If you could be a 18 year old again, what would you do? 
3. What inspires you?
4. What are you listening to right now? 
5. Winter or Summer? Pick a side!
6. If you had to have dinner with one celebrity who would it be and why? 
7. When I hear the word creative, what is the first thing you think about? 
8. Who is your favourite Superhero? 
9. If you were stuck on an Island and were only allowed three things, what would they be? 
10. You are looking forward to Christmas because...? 

Thank you again to the lovely One Woman Circus for nominating me and getting me to answer all these questions. Hope you enjoy the post and a huge hello to all my new readers! The blog will be getting a makeover soon, so make sure to watch this space! 

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