Friday, 5 July 2013


One of the dork-ish things about being a Designer is that I really cannot go anywhere without scoping out finishes and furnishings. Walk into new hip cafes and you got it, I am scanning those walls and touching the tiles ...without anyone noticing of course. At the end of last year I was in Melbourne walking down the street when I came across this little retail store. I don't remember the name of the store but I do remember I saw these pendant lights in the front window and had to go in. I pretended to look around at the nice modern clothes so I didn't look like the freak who had my eye on something else. Cue the shopping attendant... 'Can I help you?'

After assuring her I was not a crazy person with my smile and polite response, I continued to tell her what she did not know about her lovely glass lights. Where they were made, their comical name and the inscription inside. To my surprise she too was very intrigued and thanked me for making her day interesting.

This brings me to today's feature; Rich Brilliant Willing. An ever so fabulous contemporary lighting & furniture design manufacturer in New York, founded in 2007 by Theo Richardson, Charles Brill & Alexander William. Their studio is situated in Brooklyn NY where they oversee everything from the design to manufacturing & distribution of their products. 

I love RBW for it's originality as the designs are based on practicality as well as aesthetics. I feel as though their pieces are a lot more risky than anything else I have come across lately. When looking at their products it is easy to see how they can be utilised in more ways then just one. This is where their designs go beyond aesthetics but think about their user and their possible context in a space. Also I am a sucker for a great quote, play on words and products that are environmentally friendly. 

The pendant lights I was talking about above are 'The Bright Side of Light,' 'In The Right Light' and 'Light Without Darkness.' It is a series of three similar designs that are made from glass that is recyclable. All three have their ever so clever names inscribed on the inside. They can be hung together, clustered, individually or just laying on the table as a lamp. Comical, poetic and good design if you ask me. Their edge and practical design thinking carries through all their designs. 

Below are some of my favourite products from their collection. You can find all this information and more from their website

Recyclable glass pendants. Find them here.

Delta III

Delta VI Black

Fawn Coffee Table

Gala 11420

Radiant Table Lamp

Russian Doll End Table

Enjoy the bright light that is Friday! 


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