Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I don't just love designing residential spaces because being a good designer is really about being able to apply your knowledge to any given brief and thinking outside the floor plan. It is really important when designing spaces to understand what you need from a practicality point of view vs what you would love it to be like. More likely than not you will be able to create a happy medium between the two and have an end result that is better than you ever could have imagined. I have actually been meaning to blog about this amazing fashion labels office space for sometime and finally today is the day. This is going to be a HUGE post because I have so much to say so it is going to be in two parts.

To all you lovely women out there who are in the corporate world or just love the elegance and sometimes quirkiness that is Cue Clothing will appreciate this post. 

Where you work often becomes pretty much your second home, it is where you spend majority of your time during the week, so really it doesn't make any sense to me that an office environment or studio space would be boring, dull, not be inspiring and comfortable. Work despite what you do, seriously despite what you do, even if it is to a certain degree, needs to be inspiring and motivating. If you don't have that and don't have good people working with you, how the hell do you keep moral up? I have been fortunate enough to work in really good environments and it just really cements the fact that comfortable and inspiring spaces are a must when it comes to work. 

An office space or studio allows you I believe to express the personality and identity that is your brand. It can be done in the most unique ways as well and does not really have to be in one specific way. It can be carried through the entire design, concept and scheme. Zoning, good work space & lighting is imperative especially if you are a creative studio. Zoning allows you to create different sections in your space dedicated to specific tasks or parts of your business. Keeping inspired & motived through good imagery, colour and lighting is also really important, but more about that tomorrow. 

I love Cue and I also am in love with their office space. It is very unique and would be such a great space to work in. The interiors is by Geyer a strategic Interior Design firm that specialises in developing unique working environments and enhancing activity based workplaces. In 2011 they designed the HQ for Cue Clothing and it is amazing. It is the perfect combo of bringing the inspiring brand alive in a workplace. It also shows how zoning allows for different activities to take place in the one environment and the importance of colour and inspiring desks that are filled with natural light. 

Lounging area where brain storming and critiquing of designs
can occur. 

Large work benches and desks makes for great design and
spaces for cutting patterns and samples

This is an amazing light installation designed by
Jonathan Jones. 

Front of house, dark, moody and elegant. It is very innovative
as well which I feel reflects Cue's fashion forward mission and style.
How great is the polished concrete? 

Design studios, part of the office but also creates areas for
privacy and quite. I love the use of opaque glass boxes that is
used to define the enclosed studio space from the rest of the office. 

Inside Design studio spaces. Neutral tones and great task lighting
creates a comfortable and inspiring environment to enhance creativity. 

Great open individual offices and desks. Great use of bring the interior
and exterior together with natural light to keep spaces light and motivating.
Also with lots of storage.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow where I will be talking about how to inspire yourself to create a studio space or office space that is full of personality and practicality with colour, organisation, lighting and zoning. 

You can find out more about Geyer by clicking here. 

Happy Wednesday, 

JDZ x 
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