Monday, 29 July 2013


It was such an exciting and anxious night in many households yesterday as we watched the five teams sell their amazing sky high apartments! I knew it though, Alisa & Lysandra just had the edge and it was really amazing that they are the first female team to ever win The Block. Totally inspirational don't you think? They really do have an amazing design skills and work very hard at achieving their goals and vision, which I think is great. Their apartment was of a very high standard and they are definitely the Kitchen & Bathroom queens, as I have to say the 30/30 bathroom was my absolute favourite!! Such an amazing combination of colours and a perfect example of making brown and black tones work. 

It is such an amazing achievement for all the couples taking home $205, 000 each off their reserves last night. I cannot even begin to image the nerves and emotions you would feel after such hard work, it would really be bitter sweet. The girls plan to put their new found skills to use by setting up their own Interior Design business, which I think is great. It is also great for young woman out there who aspire to achieve big things in their lives, it is beyond true, that if you put your mind to it and keep working hard, it will happen. None of this, woman don't know anything or can't work on site... not true at all! 

Here is a look through their entire apartment and at all the beautiful finishes and colour combinations they used. With good finishes and smart space planning you can achieve great things. 

Congratulations again to Alisa & Lysandra and I very much look forward to posting about them again in the future and staying up to date with what they are doing next.

All images apart from the 30/30 kitchen have been sourced from The Block Sky High website.
The 30/30 kitchen images were sourced from the ever so lovely Jen Bishop's blog The Interior Addict.

Stay turned for more Alisa  & Lysandra news!

Have a great Monday,

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