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This blog is dedicated to sharing all there is to know and do in Interior Design, we love writing and are a weekly contributor to the Perth handy man business Men Behaving Handy, where you can see me talk about everything from tips on Interiors and everything Funky, for the Funky Friday Furnishing posts by me. I have been a contributor for Barry DuBois' website and blog, co-host of Ten's hit show The Living Room,  for the ever so lovely Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict and Building On Air, Australia's first Building and Designer News Reel.

If you would like us to contribute or be involved in your blog or magazine please send us an email at

We also take requests for Advertising, sponsored posts and product reviews, however, we only post about things that we as Interior Designers & wellness warriors love and would use ourselves.

We love Interiors and designing so if you think we would be a perfect fit for your spatial needs then hit up the website at 

Everything posted on Behind The Designer is written or edited by Jeanette Del Zio and is all original content. Everything that is borrowed or sourced elsewhere such as images or product information is linked back to its original source or credited. We believe sharing is caring and knowledge is power so it is only the right thing to do if you borrow something. If you want to use something from this blog we ask that you credit us especially with photographs and link back to this blog and then send us the link to notify us.... it is as simple as that.

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