Friday, 28 June 2013


Yesterday while I was feeling very sorry for myself stuck in bed, one of my signature digital designs arrived in the mail in the form of an iphone case.

I still have a lot more designs that must be updated and uploaded in due time. So stay tuned, but for now make sure to check out my page on Society 6.



I have been missing in action for the last couple of days with a horrible flu but I am back in action with our Feature Fridays.

Today I am introducing you to my lovely Friend and her Mum. Together they have created a unique and inspiring business.

Sally & Kerrie are Feature Pieces, a Interior Design and Homewares business that aims to assist clients in bringing colour into their homes. They achieve this through their unique and colourful cushions, wall hangings, lampshades and custom upholstered pieces that become a 'feature' in your home.

Feature Pieces at Warwick Fabric "Furniture in Focus" fair back in May.

It really is a brilliant idea as I often tell my clients that it is a good idea to have a feature element in a space such as a living room or bedroom. This is exactly what Sally & Kerrie believe themselves and are encouraging their clients to embrace. 

Based in Sydney, Sally is always constantly on the go, networking, working with The Designer Chicks and developing her business. They are always seeking out new colourful materials and suppliers that enable them to make their beautiful products.  

Part of the Feature Pieces range. 

It is very inspirational and encouraging for myself to see one of my friends and fellow Interior Designer follow her passion and dream. I have no doubt with the hard work and dedication Sally has to her passion, Feature Pieces will be a continued growing success. Just last week she was seen in the Northen District Times, a great article with a picture from behind the scenes at Feature Pieces. Click here to read more on the article. 

Feature Pieces, with Sally's Interior Design degree & Colour Diploma also aims to assist their clients in developing beautiful spaces, co-orindated colour schemes and floor coverings.

Sally & Kerrie can be found every 2nd Sunday at the Kirribilli Art & Design Markets. The next market is July 14th, so make sure you head down and get a glimps of some of their lovely pieces.

Sneak peek at their Market Stall. 

Below are some images of their designs you can find on their website by clicking here. 
Also if you would like to find out more or follow Sally & Kerrie you can do so by liking them on Facebook or visiting their Website & Online Store

Anastasia & Natasha. 

Cody Lampshade.

Antique Style Lamp Base. You can find
this base by clicking here.

Lisa Wall Piece.

Mckenzie Lampshade.

Nell cushion.

Thanks to Sally & Kerrie for letting me post about their business on my blog today!

Be inspired & keep dreaming,


Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Sparkk is my new obsession. I had the pleasure of visiting their office in Sydney on Friday and it was an absolute treat. They digitally print and produce all their prints on site and by demand. Their patterns and designs are unique and refreshing. They even have their own palette of colours that you can pick from and have your own colour combinations for any pattern that you like. They produce, upholstery, drapery and wall coverings that are suitable for any environment, even aged care.

All patterns and images above are sourced from the Sparkk
Website, which you can click on here.

Pattern and colour is a sure way to add instant personality to any space. It also adds depth and interest to a space and with any of the Sparkk design collections you are sure to achieve that in an instant.

I love pattern and so it is no surprise I love Sparkk.

You can find all these patterns and more information on their awesome website!
All images found on this blog post have been sourced from their website.

Hope these patterns bring some brightness to your cold Tuesday,


Monday, 24 June 2013


It is all systems go at JDZ HQ today despite the miserable weather. A full two walls of tiles has gone up in our latest bathroom project and here are some more behind the scenes shots from the site this morning.

I am so happy with the way it is turning out and it is beyond rewarding seeing something you have specified happen before your eyes. For most people picking tiles, grout colours, finishes and fixing is a nightmare, they don't know were to start or what goes with what and even when you make your choices, you are only picking a single tile for a huge wall... so how do you know it is all going to turn out?! In my personal opinion, apart from having a good eye for detail and being able to visally imagine the end result, it is all about intuition and confidence in your choices. And trust me when you are on site and surrounded by a hundred other people who have their own opinion, it is very difficult not to doubt.

Here are my five easy tips on how to give yourself the confidence you are making the right decision.

1. BASE OR FEATURE : Pick either a base colour to work from, I.e: a neutral tone that you can easily mix other textures and colours with Ie: fittings etc OR have a feature element ( or colour ) that is a feature which you draw inspiration for the rest of the room from.

2. DEVELOP A VISION : Try and have a particular style in mind, research that style, gather only 5 images of that style for a particular room and ask yourself what you love and what works in these images. These act like a guide to give you ideas and confidence to see how it will look when it is done.

3.  SET LIMITS: If you start looking at over 100 different images or the same thing and 100 different images of different products you will only confuse yourself and the look. When looking for lights, tiles, colours, have the intension from the vision so you dont spend hours going over and over the same thing. If you look at one light and love it, think, does it work with the space? Yes! Then presto that is the light. Do NOT go searching for a "better" option.

4. LISTS: Write yourself a list of everything the space needs, find images and or get samples of a all the bits and pieces and stick it to a wall ( even if they are just printed images.) By seeing it visually in front of you it gives you some understanding of how all the elements compliment each other. You can then generally see what isnt working and what is. For example, you want a grey feature wall, but the colour grey you have chosen looks brown in tone rather than a cool blueish tone and you have picked to have a huge black feature mirror hanging on this wall. Straight away you can see that black and brown tones generally don't compliment each other. So you know you have chosen the wrong colour or wrong mirror. Decide which element is more important and then use that element to help make the decision. If having the mirror is what you want then easily change to a cooler grey tone and presto problem solved.
That is why I really recommend looking over all your choices through images, paint chips etc to make sure it all goes together. Any element that doesnt will yell out to you.

5. TRUST: Once you make those decisions they are it. Do not doubt yourself, as I find the first instinct and choice is about 95% always the decision you end up going with. I trust my instinct so much and it never lies to me. Someone always has a different opinion but if you LOVE it and feel good about the decision, go with it. I specified a dark grout colour for these tiles in the image above so that they will pop when you walk in the room.  Today because dark grout is not always seen and it is being "risky," my choice was questioned. I had about a 5 minute window where I thought... "Oh no, maybe they are right." Then I took a step back looked at the result and trusted my decision. 

I bet anything once it is done, everyone will be speechless. 

Stay warm and trust your inner design instinct. 

JDZ x 


I just had the share this amazing response from Amal about our first ever Feature Friday post.
I am so grateful for her lovely words and so happy she loved it.

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation."

Brian Tracy

Stay tuned there is another great Monday post coming your way and just a little note to say that we are so grateful for everyone that stops by and takes a minute to look at our posts and blog. To all our new followers on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Google+ welcome and a big thanks for following! I promise my Facebook page will be up and running very soon. 



Friday, 21 June 2013


Introducing Feature Fridays where I get the opportunity to post about a fellow designer.

My first ever feature is the very talented Amal of Amal's Room. I was so delighted when Amal agreed to having me feature her amazing website and products on my blog.

Amal's Room is an online oasis of beautiful products ranging from homewares, decor, fashion and food. She sources unique pieces from all over the world to help her audience and buyers turn their ordinary homes or spaces into something extraordinary. Amal developed her own online store and business so that she could share with the world her creativity and passion for all things beautiful. Amal is based in Canada and over the years of hard work and persistence she has been able to get so much recognition and specifications of her beautiful products with many editorial features in leading magazines and publications.

Amal's Room cushions selected by Northland Properties
to transform the lobby design and space of the Kelowna
Sandman Hotel. 

What I also love about Amal's room is the originality it has and that she only sources pieces that she loves herself. This to me makes the site unique and like nothing else you really see in the online homewares realm. The products are personal and thoughtful.

It is truly inspiring to see her business grow and develop. Amal has continual dedication and belief in her products and design expertise which to me is a recipe for success. Her lines are also getting stocked in various boutiques in Canada, so I really cannot wait till it hits the Australian & International markets.

Remember how on Wednesday I posted images of all things Moroccan? Well here is the connection. Amal and I both share a love and passion for Moroccan pattern and design. Amal even has her own  signature product " Amal's Moroccan Spa. " The packaging and products itself is something to be admired. Amal developed the concept and product design!! They are products to spoil yourself with.

You can find all things Amal on her online website right here and follow her on Facebook for updates.

Here are my favourite products and my wish list.

Bird & Branch Teapot.
Buy it here.

Rabbit Forestry Hook.
Make this cute little guy yours by
buying him here.

My favourite Lung Light Shade in colour Beet.
So unique! Find it here.

Argan oil is the best for your hair!
Amal's special and signature product
can be found here.

Moroccan Black Soap another amazing product
part of her signature spa treatments.
Find out more about this product here.

Cant go past this beautiful crafted candle for your home.
Find it here. 

Have a great and inspiring Friday everyone!


Thursday, 20 June 2013


It is so cold in Sydney at the moment and this got me day dreaming this morning of a european summer. I so desperately wish I could lying on a beach in Italy right now.

Speaking of Italy, a year ago while scrolling through Instagram I came across this beautiful image which I could not ignore. Little did I know that it was actually a famous piece of wallpaper by designer Piero & Barnaba Fornasetti. My winter blues and day dreaming have encouraged me to share the beauty and eleaborate discovery that is the Fornasetti Atelier and their very unique products.

I am going to focus on their wallpaper range but they are also very well known and recognised for their furniture, conversation pieces and interior decor. What makes this company so special I feel is the techniques and the history behind the product. The designs are very detailed and elaborate which makes for a great conversation piece in any particular place. They are so dramatic in order to create a magical and fantastical experience that is like no other.

" It is said that my pieces are created using secret methods... I laugh up my sleeve... my only real secret is the rigour with which I work." - Piero Fornasetti.

The objects and furniture made by Fornasetti was on of the largest in the 20th Century and I still think that is relevant today as I have seen their wallpaper specified many a times over the last year, especially in residenital design as a feature wall.

From some of the examples provided below it is easy to see and understand the source of the inspiration for their designs, which without a doubt comes from such a beautiful and cultured environment that surrounds them. They also no matter the pattern maintain a vintage feel.

The designs are not for everyone but it is very important to appreciate the process and thought behind them and with the right space, the wallpaper would be a work of art and show stopping.

Instagram @jdz1. Follow me now by clicking here 
Piero Fornasetti. Find out more about the Fornesetti family and
Piero's great quotes by visiting their website.

Detailed leef and key pattern

The malachite series is my favourite from the wallpaper collection.
Would be amazing to have a client that would love to use this in one of their interiors. 
Emerald green version of the B&W Malachite. Beautiful detailing and
rich in colour.
 Perfect for an interior that is wanting to have a little splash
of the in trend colour of 2013, Emerald green. 
Mediterranean city.

Cute monkeys that combine a unique colour combination.

You can purchase Fornasetti wallpaper here.
All images and information sourced from Google and the Fornasetti website.



In a couple of months Sydney Indesign ( formally Saturday Indesign ) is happening in Sydney.
It is one of the best design events of the year and I just registered. It is the perfect way to discover new trends, designs and network.

Make sure you register if you are a designer!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I just came across this awesome quote by the creator of another one of my favourite blogs, The Design Files.

It is really inspirational.

" Lean into it! I read this quote in a cheesy self help book a long time ago and it stuck in my brain. It means when the bigger picture seems too daunting, don’t be paralysed by how to get started. Just lean in the right direction, take it one step at a time, and things will happen. "

Quote sourced from this interview. 

My motto for 2013. Sourced from my Pinterest.
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Remember last weeks tile sample picture... well exciting news! The tiler started today...well very early this morning and this was the progress at 8:30am. Hopefully by now the shower and hob are finished!

I can see the finish line creeping up! 



It is going to be a regular feature on my blog every month to show some of my favourite pins that will be in lead up to a new blog post.

This month to help keep positive and bright I am going for all things Moroccan. 

All patterns are a go and all colour combinations work well together. 

Happy Wednesday, 


Monday, 17 June 2013


"The secret to a balanced life?  It begins within oneself and spreads to the world around"

The Dalai Lama's recent visit to Sydney has me wondering.

Is our environment moulded by us? Or are we as individuals merely the result of years of environmental pressure?

I suspect that the answer with be a little from column A, a little from column B.

But what we're looking for isn't a direct answer, it's only to start you thinking.

How much do your surroundings change who your are? Does life in a clinically sterile environment force an individual to become cold and unnaturally insensitive? Does time submerged in overpowering colours morph someone into a mess of uncontrollable emotion?

These are juxtaposing extremes of too little and too much, and there is a balance somewhere in the middle that must be found.

...And finally we return to the topic of balance. Do you think your home is balanced? Sometimes being off centre, even if it is artwork can really make a wall space work so how do you feel you achieve it in your home? Is it by the way you orientate a space? Taking certain elements away?

( It feels like this post is more about 21 questions on balance)

One thing is certain though, we can find inspiration and balance anywhere.

You never know when you'll find your balance, it may even come to fruition in the backalleys of Melbourne central.

JDZ on our trip to Melbourne at the end of last year. I love going on
designer trips with her and finding all sorts of new inspirations as well
as having some down time. 

Hope you find your balance in your day today.



Something that always gets me through a Monday morning lately is reading every bloggers posts about the latest room reveal on The Block. It has been a very hot topic over the last month it is one of my favourite shows at the moment. I am really surprised this is my first post about it.

My family think I am a little crazy because I absolutely LOVE it and really want to apply! There is just something about construction sites and turning nothing into an absolutely amazing creation that gets me buzzing. It is honestly, a very rewarding process, especially because it is a lot of hard work!

I have not had the pleasure of designing a kitchen yet, but I have to say it is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you are a Block fan like me you would have heard them mention that over and over again during prep. It is the centre of your home, it is where you cook, entertain, get together and can often be a gathering point where families after a long hard day at work join to talk about their days.
It is a space that generates union and relationships between people and other spaces in the home. I love open plan kitchens and kitchens that have a lot of workspace and practicality.

I think one of the most important things to think about when designing a kitchen is storage and circulation. How you are going to interact in the space, move around and store things is critical.

I think all five teams on The Block this week really nailed that aspect on the head and they did come up with five beautiful designs. I have to say though I am glad Trixxy and Johnno won! They deserved it, it is was the most light and fresh kitchen out of the lot.

As you can see in the image below a kitchen is a great way to experiment with different finishes and colour palettes. I think it was a really clever move for Trixxy and Johnno to use the same tile from their his and hers as their splash back. It really carries the theme through the house and even though they are not as bold, they are a great way to create a unique and simple feature. Same goes for the Twins, really love the concrete bench top, I really feel that was the best element in their design choices this week.
As for the other teams they really give you the opportunity to understand how joining spaces can link together and relate to such a large important area as the kitchen and how you use the similar finishes to compliment the adjoining space. The other great tip to take from these rooms is that a kitchen doesnt have to be clinical in any way, you can introduce great art pieces with splashes of colour that allows you to draw personality and style to your kitchen.

All images sourced from The Block Website. You can find out where to source all these items
by clicking here.

Can you tell I cannot wait to design my own kitchen? Because I can't! Maybe it will be on next years Block. Looking forward to hearing the other contestants reviews on tonights episode.

Happy Monday,



I am very excited to announce that the long awaited launch of my website will be happening  the 1st of July 2013! That's right it is going to be going LIVE in under 2 weeks... Eeeek!!

I am working overtime to get this done but it finally is happening and I am very proud of it. 

Here is a little preview. 


Friday, 14 June 2013


I don't think I've mentioned before but I have started designing some prints that I have uploaded to this great website called Society 6. They turn your image into cushions, iPad skins, iPhone cases, prints... the works!!

Here is my little profile, which I will continue to add to and lucky for you there is free shipping till this Sunday.

Just use this promotional link : and you will get free shipping with any purchases made through my store.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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