Thursday, 20 June 2013


It is so cold in Sydney at the moment and this got me day dreaming this morning of a european summer. I so desperately wish I could lying on a beach in Italy right now.

Speaking of Italy, a year ago while scrolling through Instagram I came across this beautiful image which I could not ignore. Little did I know that it was actually a famous piece of wallpaper by designer Piero & Barnaba Fornasetti. My winter blues and day dreaming have encouraged me to share the beauty and eleaborate discovery that is the Fornasetti Atelier and their very unique products.

I am going to focus on their wallpaper range but they are also very well known and recognised for their furniture, conversation pieces and interior decor. What makes this company so special I feel is the techniques and the history behind the product. The designs are very detailed and elaborate which makes for a great conversation piece in any particular place. They are so dramatic in order to create a magical and fantastical experience that is like no other.

" It is said that my pieces are created using secret methods... I laugh up my sleeve... my only real secret is the rigour with which I work." - Piero Fornasetti.

The objects and furniture made by Fornasetti was on of the largest in the 20th Century and I still think that is relevant today as I have seen their wallpaper specified many a times over the last year, especially in residenital design as a feature wall.

From some of the examples provided below it is easy to see and understand the source of the inspiration for their designs, which without a doubt comes from such a beautiful and cultured environment that surrounds them. They also no matter the pattern maintain a vintage feel.

The designs are not for everyone but it is very important to appreciate the process and thought behind them and with the right space, the wallpaper would be a work of art and show stopping.

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Piero Fornasetti. Find out more about the Fornesetti family and
Piero's great quotes by visiting their website.

Detailed leef and key pattern

The malachite series is my favourite from the wallpaper collection.
Would be amazing to have a client that would love to use this in one of their interiors. 
Emerald green version of the B&W Malachite. Beautiful detailing and
rich in colour.
 Perfect for an interior that is wanting to have a little splash
of the in trend colour of 2013, Emerald green. 
Mediterranean city.

Cute monkeys that combine a unique colour combination.

You can purchase Fornasetti wallpaper here.
All images and information sourced from Google and the Fornasetti website.


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