Monday, 3 June 2013


Instagram sometimes in many ways is seriously so much cooler than Facebook and really allows you to be expressive through photography. Your profile becomes a collage of your life in images and it allows you to add those lovely filters that make you look like a pro photographer.

As if it doesn't get much better than that, well it does. Almost everyone has an Instagram profile and it allows you to follow as many people as you want, celebrities and more importantly many people and business' in the industry. It is such a great medium for marketing yourself, networking and creating a following that is much larger than your personal Facebook account. It does not seem to have the same level of snobbery at times, where even though you can put your account on private, like mine, it does not have as much detail about you and it is more of a community of followers that could be anyone rather than restricting it to friends only. 

At the beginning of every month Jen Bishop or Interiors Addict showcases a competition via her blog and Instagram called 7 Vignettes. She provides her followers with a list of seven words, one for each day and on that day you create your own little vignette that represents that particular word. 
The person who has the best series of vignettes over the week wins an amazing sponsored prize. Jen and usually a guest designer wether in fashion or interiors assists in judging. It is seriously a lot of fun and I have finally made the dedication myself to participate this month. 

My definition of a vignette is a snapshot the tells a story. You generate an image or story that you wish to communicate to your viewers either by the objects you gather together for the photograph or just by taking a snapshot of the beautiful scenery that you are enjoying in the moment. Designers use vignettes in their projects or books to express their concepts, a particular mood they want to convey to their viewers or to showcase particular elements they have used to style a space. There are really some beautiful and creative images that are posted just for 7 vignettes every month, it is amazing. I encourage that you take a look, it has now reached over 15,000 images!

Dont forget that you have to hashtag, #7vignettes  # the day ( e.g.: #day 3 ) #the topic ( e.g: #gold) 
and follow Interiors Addict and the months judge and include them in the comments by using an @. 

You're set! Make sure to follow me and have a look at my vignettes by clicking here and following me.  

#7vignettes #day3 #gold by @jdz1 

Happy vignetting, 

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