Thursday, 6 June 2013


This was a while ago on site whilst furnishing a residential property. You will notice apart from my very bright yellow jumper that the artwork and the mirror are not fixed to the wall.

Over sized and large scale floor standing mirrors can be a great statement piece for any room, particularly a bedroom. 

This one was a beautiful oversized mirror with a chunky black frame which supported itself against the wall in the dressing room of a walk in robe. Not only did the mirror help to open up the narrow space but it added elegance and a point of difference. So naturally I thought why NOT hang the art as well, but place it against the wall on an ottoman. It worked perfectly and made the space look warm and intricate. It also helped to draw your attention to the finer details, like the lovely fabric on the ottoman. Who knew it could provide more purpose than just for something to sit on.

I really think it is important to think about how you frame art, position it and hang it, even if it is by layering it on a console or ottoman against on the wall instead of on it. ( This applies to mirrors too ) Framing or not framing can really impact the way the piece and space is perceived by it's audience. Same goes for the height you hang the image from or wether it is off centre or a pair that are completely two different sizes. 

In the last image below I used a small mirror that too was not hung on the wall and acted more as an accessory more than anything else. It's size and shape completely contrasted the console it was placed on but it just worked! 

In my books there are really no "rules" it is all about just taking some time to really consider your feature art piece or mirror and deciding what you want it to say in your space. 

Dont be afraid to think outside the frame. 

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