Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Sparkk is my new obsession. I had the pleasure of visiting their office in Sydney on Friday and it was an absolute treat. They digitally print and produce all their prints on site and by demand. Their patterns and designs are unique and refreshing. They even have their own palette of colours that you can pick from and have your own colour combinations for any pattern that you like. They produce, upholstery, drapery and wall coverings that are suitable for any environment, even aged care.

All patterns and images above are sourced from the Sparkk
Website, which you can click on here.

Pattern and colour is a sure way to add instant personality to any space. It also adds depth and interest to a space and with any of the Sparkk design collections you are sure to achieve that in an instant.

I love pattern and so it is no surprise I love Sparkk.

You can find all these patterns and more information on their awesome website!
All images found on this blog post have been sourced from their website.

Hope these patterns bring some brightness to your cold Tuesday,

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