Sunday, 2 June 2013


The 1920s has to be one of my favourite eras, the fashion, art deco, elaborate interiors and glam, all of which I think the new Great Gatsby captures amazingly well.

The roaring twenties was a time when the world was booming and with the emerging growth of old Hollywood, the glamour became something that filtered through into large parties, fashion and interiors. 
Can you believe that this was the era that saw the development of the first cocktail cabinet to ever be designed for the home and the radio?

Image sourced from Google Images

What I love about the style of art deco is how simple lines can be turned into beautiful geometric liner patterns. Patterns that were utilised through interiors in window treatments, ceiling detailing and lavish materials. It is my prediction that this period and style is going to become increasingly more in trend than it is now... especially after the display of amazing details in the Great Gatsby. Watch out for 1920s art deco theme parties and events with a jazzy edge, I say. 

Common materials found in Deco style interiors are chrome, gold, black and glass. Co- incidentally we are seeing a lot more of this color combination in particular the use of chrome fittings and fixtures, especially mixed with different timber finishes.  

One of my favourite Interiors Blogs, Interior Addict had a feature a couple of months ago leading up to the premier of Gatsby showcasing one of Australia's famous Interior and Furniture designers Blainey North. Her simplistic and timeless new furniture pieces really capture how art deco has made a come back and how simple elements in a design can really make for a unique piece of furniture. 

Both images sourced from Interiors Addict. Furniture designed by Blainey North.
You can read Jen's story on Blainey by clicking on her name.

Another interior that I really feels acts as a great example of how you can take a simple pattern or style and create a really unique feature is this residential design from another top Australian designer, Greg Natale. The gold balustrade detailing is the perfect way to intergrate that little bit of glam and sophistication to a home. 

Image sourced from Interiors Addict. Residential Interior Design by
Greg Natale. 

Even though I have to say I was a lot more interested in the interiors, costumes and Gatsby's extravagant parties, DiCaprio never disappoints and he is still such a hottie! He is looking very sharp throughout the movie and cannot say I would not be completely star struck if I saw him the street. 

Image sourced from Google images.  

Make sure to go and see the movie! 
Enjoy what is left of the weekend, 


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