Friday, 18 October 2013


By Danielle McAnn

Very exciting time for the blog, it's very first guest blogger and guest post. It was a great idea to promote the ideas about furnishing your windows as it is often another part of interiors which are not always thought too much about, but it is critical to get it right. Join me today and my lovely guest blogger, Danielle as she enlightens us on why you should install blinds to furnish your windows. Information and Imagery courtesy of Melbourne Blind Company. Thank you for wanting to be a part of my journey to inform and inspire everyone about interiors. 

Danielle McAnn is a copywriter working with Melbourne Blind Company who offer a range of functional and stylish window coverings. When Danielle is not writing, she enjoys decorating her home, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever for a walk.

So many people think that sticking something over your window is a necessity purely to have the choice whether you let the light in or keep it out, when really, it is just important a feature of a room as a rug or a couch. The right window covering can make your room more inviting, give the illusion of a warm or cool space, as well as maintaining the temperature of a room in summer or winter. Whether you want to maintain a country cottage feel, a modern home or a Spanish villa, the right window furnishing can help make that happen.

One of the more popular options at the moment are blinds, they are versatile and affordable making them a great option in most homes.

1.     Affordable. Blinds are made to measure window coverings, so you only ever pay for exactly what you need. They are one of the more affordable options because they don’t require masses of fabric for gathering, they sit on a sturdy roll with a chain to adjust their level, rather than needing a huge steel rod to keep your curtains up.

2.     Stylish. Blinds come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any home. The fabric range at companies like Melbourne Blind Company is quite extensive, so you are sure to find a pattern and/or colour that suits your d├ęcor. They also come in different styles that open and close in different ways, from Roller Blinds, to Panel glides, Romans, Verticals and Venetians, not to mention coming in a range of materials, they are a stylish solution to your window furnishings.

3.     Versatile. With the options of materials, your blinds can come in either block out, standard or sheer finishes that let in varying amounts of light depending on your needs. For a sun room, you may want sheer blinds to merely limit the amount of light, however in often used rooms that also face the afternoon sun, a block out blind allows temperature control.

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