Thursday, 19 February 2015


This week I had a more conscious thought about how objects really change the way spaces are used. Recently we acquired a brand new modular sofa which obviously has changed the entire orientation of our living room, but more importantly how we as a family and or guests interact and experience the space.

Funny story actually, I was forced out of my bedroom one work night last week. I was not happy about it at all, it was on that really muggy night after a massive down pour. We do not normally get spiders in our home and on this unusually late night, I was up and chatting to my best friend in London. I am so grateful I made the decision to speak with her for an extended period of time because if I didn't, I would not have ever been aware of what was crawling behind me on the wall.

I was far from impressed and it was very late. I had no one to save me but a can of inset spray and I had no idea where the furry ugly, dangerous ( yes it was ) spider disappeared too after I drowned it in half a can of spray. There was absolutely no way I could sleep in the bedroom so I had to set up camp on the new modular sofa. Comfortable and interesting as I lie there, I really got to thinking how I have never experienced this actual side of our living room, as it has never been orientated this way before. It has changed my behaviour in the living room completely. I hardly ever venture to the other side of the room. I kind of feel bad for it!

My point in revealing this really lame story to you is that it is really important to understand how we need and must use spaces. Objects, furniture, different shapes and sizing allows you to experience your walls in a very different way if you decide to challenge them. Now I have all this new found space on the left side of the room, there are endless things that I can think of and do to allow for a much more flowing and beautiful use of the space. It has changed the way we interact as a family and the needs of other pieces of furniture in the room. It creates a sense of more space, more depth without needing any more other seating area.

It is a truly fascinating discovery and why I love Interior Designing, because it allows me to explore this deeper level of understanding in human behaviour, psychology and manipulation of human behaviour. ( Not in a bad way I promise. )

Have you just recently found a new piece of furniture that has changed the way you appreciate and experience your space? Share with me your story by contacting me! I'd love to hear from you.

By the way if you are wondering, the spider is no longer. He was found and now the room is spider free and whole lot more spacious.

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