Saturday, 28 February 2015


Friday Fav's this week is a real special one as it is celebrating
a friends business, Seventh Lane. 

Today I am sharing with you my favourite items from their newly
launched website! 

I love the playful yet relaxed nature of the range as well as the geometric
prints! We all know how I feel about funky geometric prints! 

They are on my wish list that is for sure! 

Monday, 23 February 2015


I keep seeing them everywhere! Do you? And I have to say I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I find that it is more appropriate for creating a really lovely winter look but more so over the last year it has become the 'it' thing to have in styling your room. I have decided mid sentence while writing this blogpost that I would much prefer to focus on the positive aspects of the trending "sheep skin," so here goes! 

They are versatile and can be added to any room or colour palette especially if you are looking to create a real bohemian look. The contrast in materials against leather or plastic occasional or dining chairs is a winning combination. They allow for something that is not so comfortable, warm and inviting. 

It also allows you to create that picture perfect style and I feel they especially look inviting as a rug layered on the floor or in a nursery. 

What do you think about the trending sheep skin? Would you love one in your home? 

Photos are sourced from Pinterest. 

Friday, 20 February 2015


I have two contrasting favourites this week, but together I am sure they could make a sophisticated 
looking interior landscape. 
I love everything about Tom Dixon and his designs but I am in love with
these almost architectural vases... which are just that
pieces of mini architecture to create a unique style and look
 for your home.  They are called "Tank."

My other favourite thing is actually a colour, which is inspired by
Darren Palmers room make over on last weeks 
Thursday evening session of the Block. 
It was a great show full of great inspiration and tips. 

Pastels are in at the moment and they shouldn't be looked upon as 
un sophisticated and child like because used in the right 
context and in a mature way it can be the perfect way
to add soft colour and personality to a dull space. 

Blues are also very calming and can really assist
to create a really sophisticated yet fun look. 
Plus a little metallic never hurt anyone. 

Colour: Dulux
Tank Vases: Tom Dixon

Thursday, 19 February 2015


This week I had a more conscious thought about how objects really change the way spaces are used. Recently we acquired a brand new modular sofa which obviously has changed the entire orientation of our living room, but more importantly how we as a family and or guests interact and experience the space.

Funny story actually, I was forced out of my bedroom one work night last week. I was not happy about it at all, it was on that really muggy night after a massive down pour. We do not normally get spiders in our home and on this unusually late night, I was up and chatting to my best friend in London. I am so grateful I made the decision to speak with her for an extended period of time because if I didn't, I would not have ever been aware of what was crawling behind me on the wall.

I was far from impressed and it was very late. I had no one to save me but a can of inset spray and I had no idea where the furry ugly, dangerous ( yes it was ) spider disappeared too after I drowned it in half a can of spray. There was absolutely no way I could sleep in the bedroom so I had to set up camp on the new modular sofa. Comfortable and interesting as I lie there, I really got to thinking how I have never experienced this actual side of our living room, as it has never been orientated this way before. It has changed my behaviour in the living room completely. I hardly ever venture to the other side of the room. I kind of feel bad for it!

My point in revealing this really lame story to you is that it is really important to understand how we need and must use spaces. Objects, furniture, different shapes and sizing allows you to experience your walls in a very different way if you decide to challenge them. Now I have all this new found space on the left side of the room, there are endless things that I can think of and do to allow for a much more flowing and beautiful use of the space. It has changed the way we interact as a family and the needs of other pieces of furniture in the room. It creates a sense of more space, more depth without needing any more other seating area.

It is a truly fascinating discovery and why I love Interior Designing, because it allows me to explore this deeper level of understanding in human behaviour, psychology and manipulation of human behaviour. ( Not in a bad way I promise. )

Have you just recently found a new piece of furniture that has changed the way you appreciate and experience your space? Share with me your story by contacting me! I'd love to hear from you.

By the way if you are wondering, the spider is no longer. He was found and now the room is spider free and whole lot more spacious.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Pink is not my favourite colour at all and I always think of it in terms of being really girly and not really one that you want to find in your interior, other than a little girls room. However, it is making a really large appearance on the colour front at the moment and is being seen increasingly in homewares throughout summer. Especially as it is great colour to contrast with botanical greens.

It allows for a really soft and feminine feel to a colour palette, especially contrasted with a grey neutral palette. It works well against light timber and metal finishes that allow for a really subtle sophisticated look.
Another colour that is directly related to pink but heading more into the orange zone is coral. It is softer than a bright orange but also a little bolder than a soft pink. Ideally coral works well for accents around the home where as I feel the soft pink allows for one to explore colour in a really bold yet safe way. A contradiction I know!

It also works well with a great scandinavian look for a home and I think we will be seeing a lot more of it in the coming months as summer comes to an end.

Monday, 16 February 2015


I did not get a chance to share last weeks Friday Fav on the blog but only on our Facebook page. Did you see? 

I want to share with you a little behind the scenes of the setting that is coming together in one of my clients home. I have been looking and looking for the best occasional chair for probably over 6 months. Truth be told, I actually had the perfect one in mind but one of the constant challenges I face especially when designing with a couple is having both their tastes and expectations met. We had the perfect occasional chair but alas it was not ticking one half of the parties boxes so no matter how I pushed it just was not going to happen. So what does one do? I get stubborn and begin a new search for what is going to be the perfect occasional chair. I will find it! I never give up! Winner never quit and quitters never win, I say! 

So where did I find it? In the Kmart new season catalogue! Hilarious but the more hilarious thing is that my client saw it too and we have the exact same thought. Such a special thing having great clients to work with who understand your thought process and design aesthetic. I search and searched and finally found it with a bit of social media assistance, we locked it in and then completed the look with the last copper pipe floor lamp from Freedom Furniture and a colourful cushion. 

Here is a behind the scenes look! Full reveal will come in the middle of year when I do a proper photo shoot to capture the beauty of the space. 

Featured items: Armchair: Zanui 
Floor lamp: Freedom
Cushion: Urban Road
Knitted Ottoman: Kmart
Styling: JDZ

Friday, 6 February 2015


Are you loving the new Block Triple Threat? I am and I have to say I am already a lot more emotionally and creatively invested and into it then the Glasshouse version. I am really liking all the teams especially my favourites, Char + Josho. I am going to play favourites this year as they are the ones to watch, not only because of their design choices and fab styling but their genuine personalities and relaxed attitude is going to get them far in the competition. That is not to say that I don't love the other couples because I do! I believe they all bring a great level of contrast in personality and styles, which is going to make for a very entertaining and interesting Block.

Ps: So excited Bec + George are back! Another Blocktastic couple, so looking forward to the Triple Threat and how much is Aidan exactly like the comedian Zach Gilan( insert long Greek last name here)

Image sourced from The Block Website. 


I have currently been on the hunt for some great armchairs for
a client and cannot seem to look past his amazing
modern but inviting VAN armchair from
Even the colour, it is just amazing and called 
Safari green, which makes it this weeks
Friday Fav. 

*image sourced from the Jardan Website.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


This is me celebrating a soul sista!

Today I am getting a little personal on the blog. The last couple of years, well since about 2012 I have had my fair share of emotional ups and downs, riding a huge nervous anxious roller coaster, and truth be told, I really hate roller coasters. To cut a long story short, I suffer from anxiety, which has caused a whole lot of other health issues to go with it. Who would have thought? I am not going to sugar coat it, it is pretty tough, I look normal, I have a great life, awesome developing business, awesome family and friends, great boyfriend, all which I am grateful for, but probably about 95% of the time I am suffering internally. There have been times where daily simple tasks have become difficult and I have spent a whole lot of my time hiding from it, running, pretending it does not exist and dealing with it very privately. It is something that I have felt extremely ashamed of and embarrassed because I feel so out of control in my own body, I feel like I am not myself and the anxiety forces me to play small and stay introverted. I am more of an introverted person by nature and like my own space but I am in no means a person who does not like to socialise... so you can image the impact it has had on my life, not to mention those closest to me. This is why I no longer want to hide from my story and from my journey, I have found the more I try and so desperately attempt to make myself feel "normal" or not anxious it has just got so much worse. One of my coping strategies is to push through it, but I have been finding lately that this too is not working, especially seeming as I have developed some serve digestive issues for someone in their late twenties. To always feel sick, in pain and exhausted is no way to live life or even work. It is a vicious circle!  ( Hence my journey and new found love for health and wellness)

I do not like the stigma that is attached to anxiety and mental illness. Those who suffer are in no way, weak, no way crazy and in no way alone. It can often feel this way which is why I am sharing this post today and sharing the message my lovely friend Meegs has to share. She is on a mission to help you show your inner diamond and oh boy, does she have the tools and the lessons to share with you. I first found Meegs through another great friend who shared her blog post with me, and we bonded. I was one of Meegs participants in her coaching program while she was completing her studies with INN so she could gain some practical experience. I made the great example because I am on my anxiety free journey and as she is.

Having someone like Meegs supporting you and understanding what you are going through is so important. The support and the " I know you will come out on the other side of this" is a tool in itself to help you shine your diamond.

If you are looking for support and require a coach then Meegs has the packages for you and the tools to help you through your struggles, even if they aren't even anxiety focused. It just encourages you to gain confidence in who you are and your abilities. I have no doubt that if you are looking for someone to assist you through your journey and be that cheerleader for you Meegs is the person. So get in contact with her today!

Check out her page and packages here. 

If you are suffering just like we have please reach out and make sure to not be afraid to get help. Self awareness and helping yourself is the first step and NOTHING to be ashamed of.

Everyone is also different so remember to have compassion and kindness for one another! They all have their own story that you know nothing about!

Ps: Her blog is rocking! Check out the post that got me hooked! 

J x
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