Tuesday, 28 May 2013


You have to love a good TED talk, they are so inspiration and can really get you thinking. I stumbled across this one yesterday that is by Meg Jay on "Why 30 is not the new 20," while doing my mid morning tea ritual of catching up on all my favourite blogs and of course Instagram. 

I think Meg makes some really valid points about defining and figuring out who you are and what you want to be. 

Happy viewing... you all have just enough time to watch it before The Block starts! 


Friday, 24 May 2013


Here is a little something personal about me... I participate in boot camp three times a week and my trainer, who is awesome by the way, always says "JDZ in the house!" ( I am pretty sure Roar Energy will appreciate this plug right now )  Without making my identity sound so "gangsta" I really love entering into a home and gaining a sense of who someone is, what they like and their personality. What I do not like is the connotation that because I am a designer, I am going to charge through your home and completely shatter a client's confidence and budget by telling them everything is completely wrong and the only way to fix it is by spending the doe. Well, that is not my style and I feel that is not the right approach for 1. Getting your client on side and 2. Creating a beautiful interior. Do not get me wrong, if it is a blank canvas and it is part of the brief, by all means, but if it isnt, restraint and tact is the way to go.

A home is something so personal to someone else and treating it with care, respect and TLC is really the success to creating a dream interior for your client. That is what I believe anyway and if I, JDZ step into your house, I wont be telling you "GET RID OF EVERYTHING" ill be saying ( if it applies ) " Those kitchen cupboard doors are great but they could do with a refreshing... maybe some fresh paint and new handles is the key?"

That's right, never underestimate the power of hardware. I am working on a residential renovation project at the moment and when it is finished I will share some BTS and end results. 

Below is an example of how fittings and fixtures can really accentuate a simple design. 

Interiors by Lloyd Ralph Designs. Source of image from House & Home  March 2011
Photographer: Virginia Macdonald. Gold Flute, William Ashley China.

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