Friday, 24 May 2013


Here is a little something personal about me... I participate in boot camp three times a week and my trainer, who is awesome by the way, always says "JDZ in the house!" ( I am pretty sure Roar Energy will appreciate this plug right now )  Without making my identity sound so "gangsta" I really love entering into a home and gaining a sense of who someone is, what they like and their personality. What I do not like is the connotation that because I am a designer, I am going to charge through your home and completely shatter a client's confidence and budget by telling them everything is completely wrong and the only way to fix it is by spending the doe. Well, that is not my style and I feel that is not the right approach for 1. Getting your client on side and 2. Creating a beautiful interior. Do not get me wrong, if it is a blank canvas and it is part of the brief, by all means, but if it isnt, restraint and tact is the way to go.

A home is something so personal to someone else and treating it with care, respect and TLC is really the success to creating a dream interior for your client. That is what I believe anyway and if I, JDZ step into your house, I wont be telling you "GET RID OF EVERYTHING" ill be saying ( if it applies ) " Those kitchen cupboard doors are great but they could do with a refreshing... maybe some fresh paint and new handles is the key?"

That's right, never underestimate the power of hardware. I am working on a residential renovation project at the moment and when it is finished I will share some BTS and end results. 

Below is an example of how fittings and fixtures can really accentuate a simple design. 

Interiors by Lloyd Ralph Designs. Source of image from House & Home  March 2011
Photographer: Virginia Macdonald. Gold Flute, William Ashley China.

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