Friday, 29 November 2013


Wallpaper has been something that has been one of those trends that has seen popular periods and then not so popular periods. Over the last couple of years wallpaper of all kinds has really made a come back and has become more popular than ever, with SO many different applications and options available to make your space and walls unique, look and feel incredible. I first started using wallpaper in interiors over two years ago now when it was brought to my attention that painted walls are sometimes really dull and don't add much depth to a space or room. Wallpaper was the instant solution and I went exploring not knowing that I would actually uncover such a popular trend and SO MANY options! There are paintables, removable wallpaper and now something that is becoming very popular is custom murals, which allows you to create a scene in your space that no one else may have.

I really love wallpaper and the textural element it can bring to a surface, which is important to think about when designing interiors. There are so many surfaces in a space to think about and ones that will always have a certain texture to them because of the different materials used but a wall is generally always just painted, so having the ability to add a paper that has a pattern to create depth or a texture to make it more tactile and visually interesting is a great idea. It also allows you to create a different mood, atmosphere or feature which is always really important to think about when designing a space. Wallpaper shouldn't just be restricted to residential design it should and is applied anywhere and in interesting ways. It can also be used to create interesting artworks, murals and can be utilised in hospitality and corporate design to make the space different.

I love twitter and all the amazing people and business' you can connect to by being on there! It was lovely when I made friends with such a great wallpaper supplier Wallpapers CO UK, whom yes are located in the UK but have every possible wallpaper you could think of available as well as my personal favourite the murals. Seriously funky, is what I have to say about this!! Especially the black and white ones, which allow you to really create an amazing scene in your home or office space. Bring the city, bring the landscape, bring the stars, bring the bus all to you and on your walls. What makes it even better is that Wallpapers CO UK deliver straight to Australia, Sydney, so a fabulous resource for you all!

Make sure you head here to find out more and check out their amazing mural collection.


Thursday, 28 November 2013


Last week I was talking to you all and shared some great furniture pieces from designer Patricia Urquiola. Well today I am going to tell you a little bit more about her and how I feel her furniture can be applied in a space to create a very funky vibe. What I really love about Patricia is that she is actually an architect and her development and design of her own furniture collection, really demonstrates the diversity of the design world and how even if you are an architect or an interior designer, it does not mean you are redistricted. Know one and kinda know them all.... well that is what I say anyway. I think many would disagree, but generally speaking if you are trained as a designer and in multidisciplinary thinking you just get it! I would LOVE to be able to do this one day, develop and design your own pieces is just so rewarding and a great way to be even more creative than you are as an architect or interior designer... because lets face it, there are limitations that we are to think about.

Patricia's furniture is very different, it is simple and effective in communicating a very sleek, funky and fun design presence. It can be added to a very modern environment to add a real edge to the space and give it that really "expensive" vibe. ( Far out I think I used the word expensive like Alex Perry does... ignore that... but there is no other way to express what I mean. ) Her furniture I feel also channels very 1940's 1950's styles, that were very streamline and very elegant in shape, material and design. Mainly her furniture is very bright and fun, which is what is needed in certain interior environments sometimes. Very exciting to be able to use her pieces in conceptual development of some awesomely designed corporate interiors by my colleague and friend.

All I want is to own one of her chairs... which I am sure many other designs buffs do.

Here products are available through Space Furniture in DeDeCe in Sydney. Look them up!!
PS: If you live in Sydney and have been to IVY Pool... You can spot a couple of her pieces.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Were you a fan of The Block Sky High? Well, a lot of you may know that yes we did apply for next years season of The Block, however unfortunately we didn't get chosen! Oh well, it was not meant to be... this time round anyway. I have been a fan for a very long time of the show and last year's season was not only very eventful but had some great constants that we grew to love watching. One of those couples was definitely Bec & George, who really fought their battles and had a very challenging experience, but took it all in their stride with a very positive attitude and kept going. Bec has now launched her own website dedicated to all things that Bec loves, including fashion, beauty and homewares. It is a great space dedicated to sharing a lot about her, her family, experiences on the show and everything that she really loves. She has been showcasing some great new products and I really look forward to following her blog. As you all know I am a big supporter of blogging and love doing it. As an Interior Designer it is so important to have as many resources as possible when it comes to knowing all the new products and what is in trend, so having another great blog on my resource list to check into is very helpful.

Make sure you take a look at her blog here.

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday,


Monday, 25 November 2013


Now it is time to talk more about the farmhouse project I have been working on for a long time! It is very exciting and is slowly slowly coming together. Thankfully my other half, Evan, better known as  assistant on the day, came along for a very enjoyable but long drive down south into VERY rural NSW. It is a completely different way of life, one that is simpler, slower and rather peaceful. Living off the land and enjoying the beautiful landscape was exactly what was in order for a little recharge this weekend... so even though it was work, it really didn't feel like it. It is also very close to Albury, which is a lovely little town to discover, filled with some really lovely cafes and shops... including a very cute little homewares store... called Little Nest. 

Here are some pictures of Ev's and I on our rural NSW work adventure this weekend, marking the beginning of a lot more behind the scenes snap shots previewing on the blog.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Friday, 22 November 2013


Danielle is back and today she is giving you all some advice on what you should think about when renovating! So here it is:

What to think about when starting a home renovation:

When embarking on a home renovation, there are so many things to consider. Obviously money will be your biggest consideration, but there are so many style and design features that you need to decide on, how will they fit into your budget? What can/can’t you compromise on? How will you do it, contractors or DIY?
With so many factors involved, it can be one the most daunting tasks that you could ever do, especially if you decide to DIY as many people do. DIY projects are cost effective and sometimes one of the more efficient ways of getting the job done, but it can also be extremely stressful and expensive if not managed right.

Effective planning in the beginning stages is key to doing it well, so you should decide early on exactly what your budget is and what you want to achieve; what style you are going for, how extensive of a renovation it is going to be and how many areas of the house are you going to focus on at once. It’s tricky and time consuming, and if doing it with a partner, it could also mean there are going to be a few compromises.

Make sure to ask questions when you head to your local hardware store like Sunlite Mitre 10, as they can often offer the best advice on tools and materials for the job. 

Remember that the bathroom, laundry and kitchen are three of the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house so you will need to carefully time and budget that one, other rooms have limited expenses depending on the size of the renovation.

I am including some extra photos of before and after the renovation I just worked on! They are unedited! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Over the next week I am going to do some more introducing to a new favourite designer and architect which I never knew about before... even though I had seen her products and loved them, I never actually investigated further. So today I am sharing some pictures from some of her amazing furniture  collections that I am in love in! Stay tuned next week as I talk more about her as a designer and architect.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


More and more we are seeing a real continuation between fashion and interiors, well, in fact I feel with any kind of design there really is not a huge gap between them at all, so it does not surprise me that they all mix to become one eventually. So really what I am saying is that they complement each other on various levels as well as influence, especially when it comes down to the latest fashion trends, what is hot in Europe and how it continues later in the year down in the Southern Hemisphere.
What makes this more prominent for me is the many fashion labels or homewares labels expanding into each other, same goes for stationary, they are all dipping their design toes into all areas.

The latest is Gorman... are you familiar? If not you can visit the fashion website here, but more importantly check out their really funky, understated, playful and Sportsgirl marketing inspired circa 90's here. What I really like about it is that the products are the usual pieces you would find in any homewares store, however their stock really is the essence of the playful, organic style of the Gorman brand and identity. The products themselves have real personality, instead of the objects being generic and you liking it because it reflects your personality... a huh! Get what I did right there? Made you think didn't I?

Their products would make for a perfect Christmas gift if you have a friend who loves quirky pieces and interiors.

Images sourced from Gormans website.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


These are the most amazing before and afters I have ever had the privilege of being apart of! It was nothing short of a massive transformation, which has turned it into one of Castle Hill's most iconic homes! Here is the reveal of the bathrooms, the detailing, upstairs and downstairs... so very proud and excited about the project.

Builder: MJP Projects

Monday, 18 November 2013


Ali McNabey- Stevens is my new favourite artist, it is as simple as that. Her bold use of colour, striking combinations and compositions have really captured my attention and the likes of many around the world. She was trained in Britain but now lives in Melbourne Australia and will be one of the featured artists on Offsprings Season 4, which is pretty huge in itself. I find the bold use of colour very brave and even though they are abstract you can still get a sense of style and the concept behind the pieces, especially in her peonies series. I am not surprised at all that I am in love with her pieces, especially because I love peonies, which are up there on the favourite flower list. Don't you think Ali's pieces would make for such a great entry artwork in a hallway or on a blank white wall? The bold colours and patterns are pretty perfect.

Find out a lot more about Ali and her pieces by visiting her website. 
All images sourced directly from her website.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here is to taking this week by storm!


Friday, 15 November 2013


Christmas is around the corner, I know I cannot believe it either and one of the biggest things at the moment apart from your wish list I'm sure, is being as sustainable as possible. The two really are not comparable nor do they rate against each other as sustainability and being environmentally friendly to assist our world is something that is a lot more important and on a whole different scale of huge in comparison to a wish list. The thing is, apart from environmental management, many different campaigns and initiatives that assist our environment there are hundreds of things we can do daily that allows us as individuals to help grow your eco friendly foot print. This brings me to today's very special feature about an eco friendly christmas tree, yes you read correctly, eco friendly, which means it is not green and like any other typical Christmas tree. Yes, it is a new take on the traditional notion of a Christmas tree but in the modern world we live in I think this is just the thing that can bring a truly uniquely new tradition to a home as well as supporting our environment.

It is completely made in Australia from sustainable wood sources, easy to assemble and very good looking if you ask me. I know it is completely different from what you would expect, but if it means one less tree gets cut down at Christmas time, so it can shine in your living room for a month, I am all for it.

It also brings a whole new notion to the concept of decorations for the tree and can really assist you in making a truly special look in your home interior depending on which way you arrange it. All the branches are supported in the centre and can be moved individually in any direction to create your Christmas look.

One, Two, Tree was initially developed the idea as they wanted something individual and eco friendly for their little boy. It is a tree that will surely last a lifetime... in fact that is it's actual name- "The Lifetime Tree."

Make sure to check out the website to find out more.

Images sourced from Rebecca Judd Loves. 

Have a great weekend everyone,

Thursday, 14 November 2013


At the beginning of the week I was talking about how to embrace your outdoor space during this Summer. It is such a shame not to take advantage of it especially if we have some amazing weather, which I really hope we do because there is nothing like a good dose of the sun. Add friends, food, music and cocktails to the list and you have yourself one amazing outdoor experience. Interiors wether they be indoors or outdoors are spaces which offer a specific type of experience, the thing that makes space so great, especially outdoor ones, is the ability to adapt it and style it in such a way to enhance or generate a particular experience. Currently I am assisting to style a party for a very special occasion, with a summer nights theme and concept, which we are aiming to re create. There are many different elements that are going to contribute to enhancing and making that experience... which by the way, I cannot wait to share with you. The party which I have been giving style advice for has inspired these outdoor posts, especially because you do not need to do a lot to make an exterior outdoor space look and feel amazing, so there is really no better way to embrace them and make them your own, especially as the Christmas season is just around the corner... ahhhh!! ( Who else is freaking out? )

Ikea currently has a great promotion happening at the moment where they are really focusing on the outdoor space and what you can use to achieve a unique and exciting entertaining area that will surely be a great place to enjoy those still summer nights. Here are some images from the Ikea promotion sourced from the Ikea website where you can see how you can create a great outdoor space.

How do you plan on enjoying your summer outdoor space? Hope you have all been having a good week!

All images sourced from the Ikea Outdoor Inspirations page.


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