Thursday, 14 November 2013


At the beginning of the week I was talking about how to embrace your outdoor space during this Summer. It is such a shame not to take advantage of it especially if we have some amazing weather, which I really hope we do because there is nothing like a good dose of the sun. Add friends, food, music and cocktails to the list and you have yourself one amazing outdoor experience. Interiors wether they be indoors or outdoors are spaces which offer a specific type of experience, the thing that makes space so great, especially outdoor ones, is the ability to adapt it and style it in such a way to enhance or generate a particular experience. Currently I am assisting to style a party for a very special occasion, with a summer nights theme and concept, which we are aiming to re create. There are many different elements that are going to contribute to enhancing and making that experience... which by the way, I cannot wait to share with you. The party which I have been giving style advice for has inspired these outdoor posts, especially because you do not need to do a lot to make an exterior outdoor space look and feel amazing, so there is really no better way to embrace them and make them your own, especially as the Christmas season is just around the corner... ahhhh!! ( Who else is freaking out? )

Ikea currently has a great promotion happening at the moment where they are really focusing on the outdoor space and what you can use to achieve a unique and exciting entertaining area that will surely be a great place to enjoy those still summer nights. Here are some images from the Ikea promotion sourced from the Ikea website where you can see how you can create a great outdoor space.

How do you plan on enjoying your summer outdoor space? Hope you have all been having a good week!

All images sourced from the Ikea Outdoor Inspirations page.


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