Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Sculpture by the Sea used to be my favourite excursion in High school Visual Arts. Every year we would head down to Bondi to do the walk all the way to Bronte to take in some of the amazing sculptures and installations created. Being a huge lover and appreciator of art in general, I of course love to make this trip down yearly just to have to look. This year was no exception with some really great pieces and lets face it... not so great pieces... I really ask myself sometimes, how the hell did that get chosen? Anyway, apart from being slapped in the face by nature over the weekend while doing the walk, braving the cold wind and rain, I was so pleased I got to see what I knew would be my favourite piece.

Here are some images from my favourites including the sphere ( which I think was just beautiful and oh so simple. ) Did you make the trip down this year? What did you think? Art is such a great way to express emotions, thoughts and concepts, especially if you can communicate it in a very interesting and abstract way.

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