Monday, 11 November 2013


One of the best parts about Summer is those late nights where the air is completely still, the temperature has dropped from being really hot and unbearable to a temp that is just perfect, where you do not need a jumper at any hour and it is so relaxing. That emotion and feeling is what lots of us crave and really desire to get something out of their outdoor spaces. Your outdoor space should really become an extension of the inside and have some serious zones that can assist it in being utilised from all aspects. It can however, like everything, become really expensive, but with some motivation, some inspiration and some great products you can really love to jazz up your space without burning a whole in the pocket. Today I wanted to inspire you with some inspirational imagery and then tomorrow introduce some great pieces that can really help to have you loving your great outdoor spaces.

All images sourced from Pinterest. You can follow me here. 

Have a great Wednesday,

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