Friday, 1 November 2013


I love writing on the blog and sharing all that inspires me as a designer, to give you all the insight into how the industry works but what I love most is inspiring people and writing about my dear friends who are doing such great things. That is honestly one of the best parts, having such good friendships in the same industry who support and love what each other is achieving. The Beach Furniture & Accessories has just launched their long awaited webpage, FB page and instagram, showcasing a whole new bread of amazing hand made and designed pieces for the home. No two pieces are the same with their furniture ranging from plantation grown teak or recycled teak and Elm.

It is a combination of furniture, homewares and accessories all in trend and in vibe to a relaxing, elegant and vibrant interior. Their store is located in Bundall, QLD and a warehouse is Burleigh as well as an online store. It is a family run business since 2010 between New Zealand and Australia and is why I believe you can really see in care and love that goes into the business and the furniture. The products are ones consumers can relate to and are very accessible. Here is some behind the scenes images from their factories where all the products are hand made and looked over by the owners themselves. I cannot wait what my lovely friend Natalie Maclean and fellow Interior Designer has in stall as she assists her husband Simon in renovating the new store and designing some furniture. 

I have mentioned them in my list of where you can buy some great pieces for your home this spring, over on my page on the Men Behaving Handy blog. 

Find out more about The Beach Furniture and Accessories by clicking here and following them on Facebook. Ps: they have a great little competition happening at the moment so make sure to get involved. 

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