Wednesday, 13 November 2013


It was one crazy world wind week last week and part of it included shooting one of the latest projects I completed this year, the Castle Hill Bathroom & Interiors renovation. It was a mixture of designing, styling advice and then putting it all together, assisting on site and much more. The best part though is that you get to see your design and advice taken on board by your clients to achieve something that they really cannot believe is there home. It is a long process but it is all very much worth it in the end, especially when your clients turn into friends. I am very proud of how they have taken on board everything that I have helped them with as well as the development of their new upstairs bathrooms. The brief was french with a twist, the couple love to travel, so we made sure to include lots of travelling pictures from their journeys.  I cannot wait to share all the images online on my website as well as blog. For the meantime here are some little behind the scenes pictures from our shoot.

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