Thursday, 28 November 2013


Last week I was talking to you all and shared some great furniture pieces from designer Patricia Urquiola. Well today I am going to tell you a little bit more about her and how I feel her furniture can be applied in a space to create a very funky vibe. What I really love about Patricia is that she is actually an architect and her development and design of her own furniture collection, really demonstrates the diversity of the design world and how even if you are an architect or an interior designer, it does not mean you are redistricted. Know one and kinda know them all.... well that is what I say anyway. I think many would disagree, but generally speaking if you are trained as a designer and in multidisciplinary thinking you just get it! I would LOVE to be able to do this one day, develop and design your own pieces is just so rewarding and a great way to be even more creative than you are as an architect or interior designer... because lets face it, there are limitations that we are to think about.

Patricia's furniture is very different, it is simple and effective in communicating a very sleek, funky and fun design presence. It can be added to a very modern environment to add a real edge to the space and give it that really "expensive" vibe. ( Far out I think I used the word expensive like Alex Perry does... ignore that... but there is no other way to express what I mean. ) Her furniture I feel also channels very 1940's 1950's styles, that were very streamline and very elegant in shape, material and design. Mainly her furniture is very bright and fun, which is what is needed in certain interior environments sometimes. Very exciting to be able to use her pieces in conceptual development of some awesomely designed corporate interiors by my colleague and friend.

All I want is to own one of her chairs... which I am sure many other designs buffs do.

Here products are available through Space Furniture in DeDeCe in Sydney. Look them up!!
PS: If you live in Sydney and have been to IVY Pool... You can spot a couple of her pieces.

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