Friday, 29 November 2013


Wallpaper has been something that has been one of those trends that has seen popular periods and then not so popular periods. Over the last couple of years wallpaper of all kinds has really made a come back and has become more popular than ever, with SO many different applications and options available to make your space and walls unique, look and feel incredible. I first started using wallpaper in interiors over two years ago now when it was brought to my attention that painted walls are sometimes really dull and don't add much depth to a space or room. Wallpaper was the instant solution and I went exploring not knowing that I would actually uncover such a popular trend and SO MANY options! There are paintables, removable wallpaper and now something that is becoming very popular is custom murals, which allows you to create a scene in your space that no one else may have.

I really love wallpaper and the textural element it can bring to a surface, which is important to think about when designing interiors. There are so many surfaces in a space to think about and ones that will always have a certain texture to them because of the different materials used but a wall is generally always just painted, so having the ability to add a paper that has a pattern to create depth or a texture to make it more tactile and visually interesting is a great idea. It also allows you to create a different mood, atmosphere or feature which is always really important to think about when designing a space. Wallpaper shouldn't just be restricted to residential design it should and is applied anywhere and in interesting ways. It can also be used to create interesting artworks, murals and can be utilised in hospitality and corporate design to make the space different.

I love twitter and all the amazing people and business' you can connect to by being on there! It was lovely when I made friends with such a great wallpaper supplier Wallpapers CO UK, whom yes are located in the UK but have every possible wallpaper you could think of available as well as my personal favourite the murals. Seriously funky, is what I have to say about this!! Especially the black and white ones, which allow you to really create an amazing scene in your home or office space. Bring the city, bring the landscape, bring the stars, bring the bus all to you and on your walls. What makes it even better is that Wallpapers CO UK deliver straight to Australia, Sydney, so a fabulous resource for you all!

Make sure you head here to find out more and check out their amazing mural collection.

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