Wednesday, 20 November 2013


More and more we are seeing a real continuation between fashion and interiors, well, in fact I feel with any kind of design there really is not a huge gap between them at all, so it does not surprise me that they all mix to become one eventually. So really what I am saying is that they complement each other on various levels as well as influence, especially when it comes down to the latest fashion trends, what is hot in Europe and how it continues later in the year down in the Southern Hemisphere.
What makes this more prominent for me is the many fashion labels or homewares labels expanding into each other, same goes for stationary, they are all dipping their design toes into all areas.

The latest is Gorman... are you familiar? If not you can visit the fashion website here, but more importantly check out their really funky, understated, playful and Sportsgirl marketing inspired circa 90's here. What I really like about it is that the products are the usual pieces you would find in any homewares store, however their stock really is the essence of the playful, organic style of the Gorman brand and identity. The products themselves have real personality, instead of the objects being generic and you liking it because it reflects your personality... a huh! Get what I did right there? Made you think didn't I?

Their products would make for a perfect Christmas gift if you have a friend who loves quirky pieces and interiors.

Images sourced from Gormans website.

Happy Wednesday,


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