Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It's been a long time coming and I have finally done it! Started my own blog for my Designs and services. It really takes a lot of courage to put your creative self out to the world and hope only for success. Back in my last year at Uni, my head lecturer introduced our class to the image below,
Yves Klein " Leap into the Void." It was inspiration for what was ahead. Most of the time you cant see or imagine what the end result is going to be, or how your dreams are going to manifest themselves, but regardless you have to take the initial leap into the unknown, believe in yourself and have faith. Often you will be very surprised at what you discover, learn, who you meet and what you achieve.

Yves Klein "Leap into the Void"

By creating JDZ I am finally taking the first major leap. Currently, working on residential projects it just became apparent that it was time to see what I can achieve with what I have learnt on my own.

JDZ Designs is currently undergoing construction for a website, which is super exciting and undergoing re branding.

Looking forward to blogging about everything that is and isnt Design related!

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