Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I cannot believe that only a year ago the clicked publish on my Facebook page for my business, JDZ Designs. I published my business website as well as made it all live/public to everyone, which was I have to admit as one of the scariest moments in my professional career. All I could think was, far out, am I doing the right thing? Should I be doing this? What will people think?! Well, turns out it was definitely the right decision... no matter how many times I have questioned wether it was throughout the year... it has been the most rewarding and developing time for myself personally and as a business. It really is a journey, I know it sounds cliched, but it actually is, because I am not just doing this for a job, it is because I want a particular lifestyle at my finger tips, it is a dream and ambition as well a career. It is what I have always wanted, so I thought to myself, why should I NOT start now? What would 5 year Jeanette have on present Jeanette that would make it easier to start later in life... the answer was not much, some more experience, yeah sure, but it is not really anything that I don't really know already or can learn along the way for myself.

The truth is, it is not easy despite what some might think, growth and business success takes time, so for someone who is often not very patient and wants to see results straight away, it is scary. You have to hang in there and "Rome was not built in a day."

There are heaps of changes and different things I want to do/achieve, so I aim to make them all happen and come together. The essence of JDZ Designs is an Interior Design studio that specialises in Residential environments but has experience and worked in commercial interiors. We offer the whole thing, but also can do property styling/ evaluation, e-styling ( online styling ) and events.

We have the blog "Behind The Designer" where we share all that we love and inspires us in the design world, which we aim to update weekly.

We also now have a monthly Newsletter that shares lots of tips and tricks as well as all the news!

I am currently re branding, changing things up and making a new website, so make sure to keep up tp date with everything by signing up to the newsletter right here. 

Thank you to everyone single on of you who read my posts, stop by my blog, my site, my Facebook page, follow me, love me, support me and call me constantly to keep encouraging and believing in my dream. ( Including all my wonderful clients! )

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