Thursday, 18 July 2013


Moroccan, aztec, geometric, metal... it is following me everywhere this week, I cannot escape. I keep getting drawn in by these ridiculously interesting designs that are very unique which I cannot help but want to share. It must just be from all the spirit of neon and patterns I have been talking about for the last couple of days. I saw one of Jose Levy's furniture pieces on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I featured his Moroccan mirror collection in my black & white post without even knowing anything more about the designs and by accident yesterday came across another blog post about him. It really got me thinking about how one could present such unique pieces of furniture and accessories in their homes to help create a certain theme or atmosphere. Even though they are so beautiful they do have a very specific feel about them and were created with the intension of being a representation of old Moroccan times. Which to me they convey in their design instantly, without even knowing much about Jose reasoning or artistic practice. There are certain elements that one can automatically gather from the shape, colour, tone, materials etc. The objects begin to tell you their story and begin to dictate the type of environment or atmosphere they would create in the space they inhabit. That is what I love about good design and different era's, they have their own style and it can often be automatically picked by the way they are designed or made. There is so much variety now that instantly if you are looking for a specific look for your home, office or cafe, you can find it, you can even mix it and match it.

Retro- tick, industrial- tick, eclectic-tick, modern-tick, shabby sheik - tick, french provincial- tick... and the list continue. Options are limitless and it is one of the best ways to create a really evoking atmosphere in a space. Having a concept or "program" ( knowing how you want the space to present ) is going to always help you find those furniture pieces or objects that are prefect in communicating it.

Jose Levy's Moroccan is just one of many of the diverse designer collections he has put together during his career. It is very true in a contemporary way to 1950's style materials, colour and furniture. I can just image his products being used in a very elegant environment with a white back drop, entertaining space or eclectic space. The 1950's style home with an edge, herringbone light or grey timber floors juxtaposed with metal finishes and retro furniture. Yep, it is a bit of a perfect fit. Have a look below at some of his funky furniture objects and I am pretty sure you will agree that they would be a perfect fit for a really funky cool hip and happening city bar.

Find out more about Jose and his furniture from his direct website here.
Images sourced from Jose's website.

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