Friday, 12 July 2013


I am very excited to talk about something that is design related but a little step away from Interiors today. I love good design in all it's forms and love fashion and unique style, so it was only fitting that I featured pretty much one of my favourite Australian up and coming jewellery designers, Marissa Panigiris! Marissa creates the ever so beautiful pieces that make up the brand Fiel Sol, which means Faithful Sun. I am lucky enough to have one of Fiel Sol's piece's from the collection Island Escape and can I tell you, I get complimented and asked about it every time I wear it. I am not surprised because the designs are fresh, exotic, colourful and unique. Marissa and her team at Fiel Sol are inspired by all things worldly, texture, aztec, all things tribal, metals and semi precious stones, which all together make such a great combination. The jewellery just has a unique sensibility about it that I don't think that I have ever seen anywhere else and when I told an admirer it was hand made in Sydney, they just could not believe it. I love a bit of an edge when it comes to style so it does not surprise me at all that if I had the chance I would buy pretty much her entire collection!!

Fiel Sol's latest collection Chance Encounters. 

Beautiful combination of vibrant colours, textures and metal.
I have been following Marissa's blog and Fiel Sol for sometime now and what I love about this story is that Marissa has followed her dreams, found her inner creative self and had the courage to stay true to what she loves and develop her jewellery designs. Which to me is beyond inspiring! It just shows you the importance of being true to who you are and not being afraid to take the risk, 'jump into the void' and make everything that you desire come true. 

Island Escape collection and photo shoot.

Island Escape collection and photo shoot! Don't you love
how vibrant and happy these photos make you feel?
Love love love!

Marissa started Fiel Sol in 2009 and has been growing in success ever since. It is exciting to see them being featured in many different Australian magazines such as NW, Grazia, Cleo, Bride To Be, Instyle and the list continues. The pieces are continuously feature on one of my other favourite fashion and style blogs, Friend In Fashion and been spotted on Australian celebrities. I have no doubt that Fiel Sol will become a huge name in the Australian fashion and style market. I love seeing the designs develop and what inspires the team to develop their designs through their blog, which you can find here. I cannot wait to see what they have installed for us next and to be continually inspired along the way. 

Snapshot of a recent trip to Greece and Fiel Sol earrings & rings
fitting perfectly into the European backdrop. 

My very own Fiel Sol piece- The Damiana

Aztec inspired patterns and latest pieces from the Fiel Sol collection
Chance Encounters. 

Snapshot of the process behind all the beautiful pieces you see!
Love seeing artistic and designers practice! 

Thanks to Marissa for letting me write about her beautiful jewellery and how she has inspired me to follow my dreams. You can find all the pieces you see below on their website and their Facebook page! All images in this post are sourced from the @fielsol instagram and Facebook page.

It has been such an exciting week for us here at JDZ I really don't want it to end! I am so appreciative of everyone's support and lovely comments. Much love back to you all on this sunny Friday. 

JDZ x 
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