Monday, 1 July 2013


Quercus & Co Hand printed Tapestry Wallpaper.

Quercus & Co Tapestry Wallpaper

Quercus & Co hand printed Bargello Wallpaper

Quercus & Co hand printed Kilim Wallpaper

Call me 'Negative Nancy' or a designer with high expectations because I was really disappointed with last nights room reveal. You all know I am a Blockaholic but seriously, the styling and the teams were poor this week and not just in their pockets. The only places any of the teams ticked boxes for me were in their storage thinking and execution and their powder rooms.

My favourite part of last nights rooms reveals was Johnno & Trixxie's wallpaper. I really thought it was beautiful. It has a really organic feel to it.

You can find the wallpaper here on the great website that is The Assembly Hall. Their retail store is filled and filled with unique and great finds.

The wallpaper is hand printed and has great detailing that is to be admired. The colours are vibrant but not over the top. I think this was a great choice by Johnno & Trixxie!

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