Wednesday, 17 July 2013


In keeping with yesterdays theme, I had to share with you all my love of Mara Hoffman. Just an example of how the neon is staying alive and bold patterns are very cool. Mara mixes a whole range of crazy patterns and colours which make for beautiful, unique and interesting designer fashion. We have been in a very eccentric and eclectic mood this week so I am just going with it, bringing all sorts of inspiration to the design table.  At the same time I am introducing another feature style post called "Visual Diary," which will showcase and share what is inspiring me right this second. I found over the years after graduating Uni that I actually have a real love for textiles and designing patterns which I never knew existed before. So I have decided on top of everything else I am starting to feed my artistic side by just designing patterns. Mara's bold geometric and aztec prints are inspiring me to find ideas and evoke creativity where I normally wouldn't attempt to find it. You could also look at these prints as a sense of inspiration for matching bold colour and prints in an interior, as it really shows that contrasting colours and tones really can work.

Anything can assist in bringing your ideas to life and apart from wanting to own a few pieces of Mara Hoffman's collection myself, the way she presents her work photographically through her campaigns to me captures and communicates to her audience what inspires her.

All images sourced from the Mara Hoffman website. 

Hope you enjoy being a little side tracked from just interiors today.

Much love,

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