Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Do you know that we spend 25 years of our lives sleeping?! That is a lot of years to spend in a bed so it is so important that it is comfortable during all seasons. If you are an Ikea Family Member you would have heard about the seminar that was held yesterday about mattresses and how to make sure you get a good night sleep. This is not a very glamorous topic at all but who here does not love sleeping and finds it hard to get up in the morning, especially during this cold weather...? I know I do and chances are the more comfortable and more suited to your needs it is means you will have the energy to get up in the morning. I am was also going to make this a little bit more interesting and give you some tips with my top picks from Ikea to make your bed not only comfortable but pretty good looking too.

Now, firstly you need to think about how you like to sleep, on your side? on your stomach? or on your back? It is recommended that most of us should sleep on our backs as that is the best way and support for our spines however really it is not always the most comfortable. If you are a side and stomach sleeper, it is important to look at pillows that have a bit more support and are higher for your neck and head. This way you get optimum amounts of oxygen and you do not put extra pressure on your spine which can cause back pain and curving.

Secondly, it is recommended when testing out different beds that you spend at least 10-15mins on them to get an idea of how they feel. Firmness does not always equal best quality for you and your sleep. You always want to ask questions about the springing system and what the inside of the mattress is made from. I never knew Ikea have a whole range of affordable spring system mattresses that have a 25 year warranty. They have about three different spring mattresses that also have a combination of extra padding and foam for extra comfort and support. Pretty good value for money if you ask me.

Thirdly, it is really important to always have mattress protectors and pillow protectors so that the amounts of skin and perspiration that we lose during sleep do not stain and wear the mattresses. It means that you can also keep the mattress and pillows as clean as possible by just removing the covers and throwing them into the wash. By the way, Ikea available mattresses and protectors that have absorbent qualities to compensate for all the perspiration we do during sleep... I know it is a little bit disgusting but it is true, we all sweat during sleep!

Last but certainly not least, it is recommended that mattresses get flipped every six months or so. This is to make sure the wear of your mattress is even instead of just in one section where you sleep every night.

Now for the fun bit...

1. Pick cool sheets! Colour co-ordinate it to the room and make it fit into the rest of the look. Same goes for the cover.
2. Use scatter cushions, but let's face it, you really only need 3 or 4 max in various sizes or the one size... not 50. Use throws and extra blanks in the winter time just over the top over the cover. It adds character to the bed and also adds extra warmth to your feet area.
3. Be a little creative and if you can just get the ensemble and go with either a custom bed head or a ready made one. Having a material bed head can really add that element of 'wow' to your bedroom. Just because it is where you sleep does not mean it does not need character.
4. Think about unique ways to have your bed side tables and reading lamps. Maybe a bedside is not important to you so think about having a small funky little side table where you can put your clock and then have nice pendants hanging from the ceiling rather than typical bedside table lamps.
5. Try not to have your computer and study combine with the room where you sleep. Try and always keep work separate from sleep.

Here are my top decor picks from Ikea for a bedroom:

Really loving the bright and colourful look Ikea has in their winter range.

Ikea has 20% off their mattresses till this Sunday! All these items and more information on their Mattresses can be found on their website. All images in today's post are sourced from the Ikea Australia NSW website. They also have a great section on Un-freeze your winter which I have mentioned before, so make sure to take advantage of that section too.

I am heading to a very exciting event tonight which I am looking forward to sharing with you all tomorrow,


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