Thursday, 25 July 2013


It was a Saturday night, probably almost a year ago now when Ev ( my partner in crime, ie: Boyfriend ) were on our way into the Darlinghurst to attend a very cool house warming party in a new complex just off William St Sydney. The loft style apartment was amazing and very cool but let's not get off track. Typical of our city, we could not find any parking anywhere and circled for ages, until we finally parked outside Dedece in Sydney which had this really engaging window/studio display that just caught my attention. After telling Evan his parking was all good he proceeded to say... "How cool is that!" He even took a photo just so I could remember it and look it up... which is very typical of us. Anyway, that was how I discovered the amazing designs that are by Tom Dixon and it seems like ever since then he is becoming seemingly more and more popular. 

Established in 2002 Tom is a british design and manufacturing company specalising in lighting and furniture. His designs are bespoke... yes I just used the big 'B' word that everyone throws around these days, but really he deserves it because his designs are truly innovative and I admire them immensely. It would be a dream come true to own or spec some of his design pieces. The brand in itself is inspired by the Britiain's unique heritage. It is a combination of mixed metals, unqiue materials, plastics and much more. Also established in 2002 was Tom Dixon's 'Design Research Studio' which is where he gets involved in installations, events, exhibitions and as described ' high concept interiors' that showcase the eccentricity that is Dixon and his love for raw materials.  His furniture and pieces also have a bit of playful edge and sense of humor, which is always fun. 

Here are my favourite pieces to fill your Friday and yes... this is me...being selective! 

If you are wondering what the funny sculptural white, red and black pieces are, they are retro inspired salt and pepper shakers.

Credits: All images sourced from the lighting and furniture section on the Tom Dixon website.

You can find Tom Dixon products at Dedece in Sydney.



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