Wednesday, 3 July 2013


In continued celebration of the launch of my website and Facebook page to the cyber world today's post is dedicated to all that is Black & White.

Monochrome is back bigger than ever, well in fashion this season anyway and has always been a staple of my style. It is pretty much 90% of my wardrobe.

It is always simple, elegant and effective, which is why you will see it utilised a lot for branding and logo graphics. Originally when designing my logo and trying to "brand" myself ( ridiculously difficult to do by the way) I wanted to stay as far away from B&W! Turns out trying to deny the use of it didnt work. Never mind what anyone says,  B& W is not boring and can be used to make beautiful elegant, statement graphics, fashion and interiors.

It can also be used as a base tone, colour theme and allow any other colours to be matched with it. Just think of it as your little black dress, or black suite if you are male. It allows you to accessorise with anything your heart desires... even if it is a colour that is completely not in the same tone or shade.

In my opinion the new neutrals over the last year are tones and shades of grey ( no not the book) and black & white.

Enjoy some images sourced from my Pinterest page!

New favourite EP that has been on repeat for the last month

JDZ signature Cushion cover.

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