Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A couple of years ago the triangle, my personal favourite shape was very popular and became such a great pattern for textiles and other objects. I have to say though that I have this intutition and not just because I have been seeing it everywhere that the new trendy shape in town this year, the ever so lovely six sided, hexagon.

 It has just began emerging and you heard it here first! The hexagon shaped products, tiles, homewares, patterns have just started and I cannot wait to see what else will come from them. The honeycomb style pattern that is made up by a hexagon has always had a popular presence though in the design world in terms of environmentally friendly products, alternative materials for construction and support systems. This modular shape is assocciated and derived from how bee's construct their honey.

The six sided shape is making it's way into the design world in so many different ways now and it is pretty exciting to have another shape on board that allows for such an interesting pattern and colour collaboration other than the triangle or even the ever so popular circle. The modular pattern when together allows for a unique expression of colour arrangements that can add a real playful look to any particular space. The fact that it is a modular allows for it to be a simple continuous pattern that is suitable for practical objects and patterns such as tiles, which can be another great way to add interesting features or patterns to your floor. Make the shape three dimensional and the options are again endless, how about those awesome shelves below? How great would they look in an outdoor garden or study wall to show off some of your favourite accessories? It is also becoming very popular in terms of the shape for lighting and textile patterns.

What is great about trends like this or even the introduction of a new geometric pattern is that if you love it, it can be a great starting point for decorating a room or giving that eclectic edge. The fact that it then also can be presented in many other forms allows you to pull the look together through the whole space if need be, by referencing it in other homewares objects or tile patterns. 

Have you ever thought about your favourite shape and or how you could utilise them to create a look or feel in a home? Well have a look at some of these picks that I have discovered lately based on the hexagon emerging trend and hopefully it can inspired you. 

Swedish Hexagon environmentally friendly cement, wool, wood combination, creates
Traullit. A very functional product that can be used to assist in absorbing sound
to creating a great feature pattern. They can be painted any colour and were featured
on The Block Sky High by Matt & Kim. 

Di Lorenzo's new marble tile collection includes hexagon moasics that would
make for a great feature floor in a bathroom or kitchen splashback.

Tom Dixon's new accessories collections are hexagon inspired. 

Tom Dixon's new collection of wall lights and pendants which are Hexagon inspired.
They are very elegant and create a very antique yet modern look. 

Hexagon shaped shelves which can be found at Dot & Bo.
Great use of raw material to great an interesting feature shelf.

Di Lorenzo's new cement range also come in a hexagon shape in many different sizes.
How fabulous does this look? The pattern allows for a great combination of tones of
grey and size to create a very interesting effect. 

Hexagon Rugs from one of my favourite Melbourne stores, Fenton & Fenton.
Such a great way to introduce some playful colour into your living space.

Another variation of the same rug which can be found at Fenton & Fenton.
It just shows you the endless colour and pattern combinations it allows.

Part of the new Freedom Furniture outdoor range, hexagon block coloured
planters. What a great idea for your back yard or balcony space. Put this together
with the selves from Dot & Bo and you have a very interesting outdoor area. 

With the emerging trend I will be releasing next week a whole heap of new hexagon inspired designs for cushions and other fun objects through Society 6. It is in the works and I cannot wait to share with you all.

Products can be found through these websites, use photo captions for reference to where each product belongs.  All images sourced from the websites listed below.

Freedom, Dot & Bo, Fenton & FentonTraullit & DiLorenzo Tiles.

Happy Hexagon Tuesday,


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