This photo right here was taken by the lovely photographer Jacqui Turk
Hello there fellow designer lover and thanks for taking the time to stop by... want to know a little more about me and what Behind The Designer is all about? Well, look no further than... below.

This blog will tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about being an Interior Designer, the ins and outs, life behind the work, the events, products and something that I am very passionate about, my equation for a great life, health x space = happy balanced lifestyle, something many of us are after living a city life. 

Join me on my journey to discovering how we can continually achieve this and improve our wellbeing. I really love writing and sharing with everyone all my favourite products and things that I use as a designer.

I really aim to make a huge stand for young designers in the industry, break the mould and the sometimes snobby stigma that comes with being part of the creative world. That is not our DNA here in this design practice and we certainly want to assist in changing that for all aspiring creatives out there.

To find out more and more hit this link right here: www.jdzdesigns.com.au to see projects and what I can offer you for all your Interior needs.

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