Thursday, 25 July 2013


I know, I know, I am SO late posting today! Well, it has been one of those days and not the good kind. Sometimes when your day starts off not so great it kind of really sets the tone for the rest of it unfortunately. However, there was some good that came out of it!  

I am excited to talk about grey and how it seems to be the growing theme of many of the projects I am working on at the moment. I have mentioned this before but I want to talk about it more in depth over the next two posts as I begin to reveal the finished parts of a couple of my projects. I definitely feel that grey is the new beige! Grey is everywhere and I think it is here to stay as it is such a great neutral colour but at the complete different end of the spectrum. Some may argue because it is tone or shade of Black, it is not really a colour, but come on, tone or colour, it is awesome and has really allowed for a step up from the use of stark white in modern and contemporary style interiors. I would never say that beige is boring, i'd just say grey is winning more votes in my books. 

This behind the scenes look today is at a kitchen design I worked on recently. I assisted with finishes selection and planning with this client wanting something really simple but in trend and timeless at the same time. A bit of an interesting brief, so I worked with them on keeping things really simple and went for a semi large mosaic style tile, which gives you the grid effect but not so small as a traditional mosaic look. To finish bench tops are just a simple white-ish caesar stone with gloss white joinery. I finally styled the kitchen for a shoot today and will also be styling sections of the home in the coming weeks as it is going up for sale shortly. 

Stay tuned for some more behind the scenes pictures and a continuation on why I think grey is the new beige. 

Looking forward to Feature Friday tomorrow, 

JDZ x 

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