Friday, 6 February 2015


Are you loving the new Block Triple Threat? I am and I have to say I am already a lot more emotionally and creatively invested and into it then the Glasshouse version. I am really liking all the teams especially my favourites, Char + Josho. I am going to play favourites this year as they are the ones to watch, not only because of their design choices and fab styling but their genuine personalities and relaxed attitude is going to get them far in the competition. That is not to say that I don't love the other couples because I do! I believe they all bring a great level of contrast in personality and styles, which is going to make for a very entertaining and interesting Block.

Ps: So excited Bec + George are back! Another Blocktastic couple, so looking forward to the Triple Threat and how much is Aidan exactly like the comedian Zach Gilan( insert long Greek last name here)

Image sourced from The Block Website. 

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