Wednesday, 4 February 2015


This is me celebrating a soul sista!

Today I am getting a little personal on the blog. The last couple of years, well since about 2012 I have had my fair share of emotional ups and downs, riding a huge nervous anxious roller coaster, and truth be told, I really hate roller coasters. To cut a long story short, I suffer from anxiety, which has caused a whole lot of other health issues to go with it. Who would have thought? I am not going to sugar coat it, it is pretty tough, I look normal, I have a great life, awesome developing business, awesome family and friends, great boyfriend, all which I am grateful for, but probably about 95% of the time I am suffering internally. There have been times where daily simple tasks have become difficult and I have spent a whole lot of my time hiding from it, running, pretending it does not exist and dealing with it very privately. It is something that I have felt extremely ashamed of and embarrassed because I feel so out of control in my own body, I feel like I am not myself and the anxiety forces me to play small and stay introverted. I am more of an introverted person by nature and like my own space but I am in no means a person who does not like to socialise... so you can image the impact it has had on my life, not to mention those closest to me. This is why I no longer want to hide from my story and from my journey, I have found the more I try and so desperately attempt to make myself feel "normal" or not anxious it has just got so much worse. One of my coping strategies is to push through it, but I have been finding lately that this too is not working, especially seeming as I have developed some serve digestive issues for someone in their late twenties. To always feel sick, in pain and exhausted is no way to live life or even work. It is a vicious circle!  ( Hence my journey and new found love for health and wellness)

I do not like the stigma that is attached to anxiety and mental illness. Those who suffer are in no way, weak, no way crazy and in no way alone. It can often feel this way which is why I am sharing this post today and sharing the message my lovely friend Meegs has to share. She is on a mission to help you show your inner diamond and oh boy, does she have the tools and the lessons to share with you. I first found Meegs through another great friend who shared her blog post with me, and we bonded. I was one of Meegs participants in her coaching program while she was completing her studies with INN so she could gain some practical experience. I made the great example because I am on my anxiety free journey and as she is.

Having someone like Meegs supporting you and understanding what you are going through is so important. The support and the " I know you will come out on the other side of this" is a tool in itself to help you shine your diamond.

If you are looking for support and require a coach then Meegs has the packages for you and the tools to help you through your struggles, even if they aren't even anxiety focused. It just encourages you to gain confidence in who you are and your abilities. I have no doubt that if you are looking for someone to assist you through your journey and be that cheerleader for you Meegs is the person. So get in contact with her today!

Check out her page and packages here. 

If you are suffering just like we have please reach out and make sure to not be afraid to get help. Self awareness and helping yourself is the first step and NOTHING to be ashamed of.

Everyone is also different so remember to have compassion and kindness for one another! They all have their own story that you know nothing about!

Ps: Her blog is rocking! Check out the post that got me hooked! 

J x
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