Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Hand making lighting is a whole new level of cool, especially for these great products. There are many different products out on the market that are handmade but what makes these different is the type of materials that they are handmade from. I saw these in my travels last week while doing a little inspired research and could not resist but to post about them on the blog to find out more.

They are designed by Ariel Zuckerman, who hand makes many different styles of lights and these ones are just an example of her brilliance. Together with designers Oded Sapir and Adva Bruner, they developed a crocheted wool fabric that acts as a three dimensional sack for the circular lights. This blend allows the fabric to be manipulated in such a way that allows for various applications and looks, which I think are brilliant and uber cool! The sack almost looks and acts like a stocking but really adds a lot of depth, colour and texture to a simple pendant application. Not only has she designed these but in my research discovered that she has her own Etsy store, which you can find by clicking here, selling most of her hand made lighting. For handmade and custom design they are not too badly priced either, which is really comforting. It just goes to show that you can find the most unique and different pieces in the strangest of places sometimes, which also shows that you should never discount where you can find your new latest feature for your home or space.

Ariel Zuckerman is a designer I will definitely be putting on my radar this year.

Photos are sourced from her Etsy Store as well as the great design blog Design Milk, you can find the article I referenced right here.


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