Tuesday, 28 January 2014


The Block is back and of course I am beyond excited! This seasons theme is Fans vs Favs which means two fans will go head to head with two all stars. It kicked off last night with a massive episode and I am already hooked, wishing I could just get in there and do my thing too. I really liked the challenge and cannot wait to see what the other two couples have install for us tonight. The challenge is not at all easy and it is a bit of a downer to know that you have worked so hard to get into the show and then all of a sudden you are not a part of it anymore... but I guess that is how the cookie crumbles. Both teams really set the bar high, which is only a preview of what we should expect from our new Blockheads.

Weekly, on Monday's while The Block is airing, I am going to be doing a review and segment on what I think about the reveals and my favourite products from the show. So make sure to stay tuned as the series continues... because if you are a Blockaholic like me, you will want to know everything. Which brings me to today's post about the brief for the challenge... New York New York!

A loft style of oversized and mix matched furniture that allows the space to really look uber cool and comfortable. It is about mixing bold colours, prints, timbers, metals and large vs small items. I wanted to share today's post with some real inspiration behind a loft look, which usually embraces an industrial contemporary feel. Here are a collection of images from my Pinterest that I feel really embrace the brief of loft.

I love an exposed beam, rustic look mixed with contemporary white and streamline furniture, it can be very elegant as well as really funky... which means the look isn't for everyone but it suits that New York city vibe and city living. We here in Australia don't really have that look embraced, yes there are certain developments that have utilised that concept and brought the idea to life, however, what makes the loft concept more authentic for New Yorkers is the age of the buildings and homes that have been split to create space for living. Warehouses turned into lofts already give off that instant industrial vibe because of its existing nature, hence creating that notion and link to an industrial look that is associated with the idea of a New York loft. It suits the lifestyle and suits city, which makes it such a desirable and cool look... so without further delay ... here are some inspiring examples to allow you to think about how to embrace the look of a loft.

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