Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Seeming as I was rattling on about custom rugs yesterday and I have a rug guide on my blog, which you can quickly find by clicking here, I decided to continue the talk about floors today AND tomorrow.

Are you familiar with Carpet Court? They have recently over the last year had some great ads and marketing campaigns centred around the concept that every good design begins with the flooring. And to be honest, it is pretty true because floors are like shoes, if you do not have good shoes on with your outfit or shoes that match, it is not a very good look. Floors are a very important surface, as just like walls they run right throughout any given space. It is a surface that we use for sitting, walking, running and cleaning... it is the surface that separates us from our slab in a home and it is what allows us to be comfortable or create a really unified unique look in any given interior. Different floors are often required for different types of interior spaces and environments, which can be a great way to create amazing spaces but most importantly you have to get it right so it is always handy to know about your options.

One of Carpet Court's design Ambassadors is one my favourite Australian Designers, Darren Palmer, who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person and I can tell you he is every bit as lovely in person as he is on television. Darren Palmer in collaboration with Carpet Court have just announced his new flooring range Provincial Lane, which I have to say I am pretty excited about. It is a great range that is going to be cost effective and elegant for residential interiors. The collection is made up of stylish laminates, 100% wool, bamboo and a vinyl that looks like european planks of timber. What I really like about this is that it these products become so accessible to everyone and assists them to achieve a designer look in their home without it blowing the budget.

There are six different flooring options available currently in the Provincial Lane range by Darren Palmer, each with many different colour options. I cannot wait to see some samples of it in person! There is also a huge promotion running at the moment where you can win $15,000 worth of new flooring for your space but entering online at the Carpet Court website, so make sure you do.

You can find out more about Carpet Court and Darren Palmer's new collection by visiting the website by clicking here. You can enter the competition via this link or via their Facebook page.

Image sourced from the Carpet Court Facebook page.


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