Tuesday, 15 October 2013


We were talking last week about flooring and the importance of having good floors in your home. This post was actually ment to be showcased last week, but due to being extremely time poor these days ( which is a good thing but also difficult at the same time ) it did not make it up in time. A great way of doing up your floors if you are on a tiny budget and have a good base such as old floor boards or  concrete, you will be happy to hear that painting them is a really inexpensive and actually fun way of adding a new look to your interior, even if it is just one particular space. Using patterns in a home or different features I believe allows one to zone particular spaces to a designated use, even if it is just a simple entry way and you want it to make an impact. Instead of just applying it to your walls and or furnishings, think about how your floors can assist in making this kind of feature happen for you.

To be completely honest with you, I have not attempted painting floors myself nor have I had the right project or client adventurous enough to want to do something like this, but I really think it is important to think a little outside the walls at times to assist in bringing environments to life. Painted floors are also a great idea for office spaces and retail environments, it allows interaction and customer participation in certain scenarios. I really like the look of white floor boards and the crisp, natural vibe it gives off and think it would be great to be able to bring this feeling to an interior I get to design one day.

I wanted to inspire you all with some lovely images from my Pinterest that demonstrates how painting a floor or giving it a pattern can really make a space. Check out the really crazy bright neon looking floor! It is actually amazing in application and would make for a very interactive interior... not particularly for residential use, but in another context. I do love how they have continued the theme and design through to the wall panelling and colouring... a very good design tip in that.

JDZ Designer tip of the week: Remember to think about your floors, how they serve you and how you can use them to zone and orientate your interiors. Is it by marking it off with a good looking rug, or placing your furniture in a particular way, or applying a pattern or different texture to the room next to it. P.S: Porters Paints make a good paint made just for flooring. 

All images sourced from my Pinterest. Make sure to follow me by clicking the "P" in the tool bar.


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