Tuesday, 8 October 2013


For my current project we have a massive long hallway that needs filling and warmth. Due to its size and the nature of the home I have the opportunity to custom make the runner. I have something very specific in mind so it is great that Cadrys are going to assist me in making it come together.

There is so much to consider which you may not really think about, different pile colours, the loops, what type of material to have made from, should we have texture, no texture and mixtures of colours.
We are going for a very worn rustic look ... but let me just put it out there, it is not your typical rustic brief. Colours have not been exactly decided yet as we have some options, but here are some sneak peek behind the scenes at some of the colours and patterns that inspired me during my recent visits.

Cannot wait to keep revealing more and more! Make sure to keep up to date with this exciting project.

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