Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I mentioned a while ago that in celebration of something special, which I can now reveal was my guest post on Interiors Addict earlier this week, JDZ was going international from time to time. Seeming as my post was about the UK, today I wanted to focus on something that I thought was seriously cool the moment I saw it. What I also like about it is the fact that it challenges the standard way furniture is upholstered and makes for a really ascetically interesting piece of furniture.

Meike Harde is a designer that likes to be utterly experimental is known for challenging the norm and shows much interest in textiles and it's application. She is known for studying the way materials and furniture are constructed in such a way so that she can manipulate them to be completely and utterly different and I really think she achieves this, with these amazing stools. They are made to be focusing on the ornamental nature of furniture but not within the pattern itself but it how they are constructed with a foam material that allows for manipulation to generate a modular pattern. 

Zieharsofika   is a piece of furniture that not only challenges traditional notions of furniture construction but also the way one may interact with the piece. The foam allows for a cushioning which focuses on the idea of comfort and function. They are made out of rectangular foam mats which only manipulate when they are layer together and pulled together with elastic bands to assist in generating the ornamental experience and pattern that is Zieharsofika. 

They are very forward thinking in a very simple way and are not in anyway over designed or over the top to achieve a very powerful effect. The rubber bands also allow for one to use their imagination and maybe solve the issue of where to put that magazine when I need to put it down quickly. They are interactive, super cool in look, colour and shape. 

All images sourced directly from this article about Zieharsofika. They are not on the market in Australia. 

Hope you are having a great Wednesday. 

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