Thursday, 3 October 2013


A couple of months ago I shared with you some progress shots of a design I was working on for my "Paper Art" side of JDZ Designs. Now I can reveal it was for a lovely client who is getting married next year. She is having a very lovely themed "high tea" kitchen tea and came to me for inspiration on creating a unique and elegant design that would embody the theme as well as be a little unique. So we ventured together in creating some pretty awesome tea bag inspired invitations that I have to say I am really proud of. I designed and made them all by hand and cannot wait to deliver her package very soon!

Today I spent majority of the afternoon setting up a shoot that showcased the invitations in a high tea vintage setting, which was also super exciting and lots of fun to do. Here is the big reveal and a behind the scenes look at today's shoot.

All images are sourced and supplied by JDZ herself, the design is copyrighted- "Paper Art" by JDZ.
If you ever want to use these pictures for inspiration, all I request is that you kindly ask me first.

If you have any questions or merely want to comment on them please do so as well as emailing me at

Have a great afternoon,
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